Woman Was Designed To Be Beautiful! To Attract!!

Beautifully Designed Women

Thyroid Disease Connection With the Beautifully Designed Women

This world has a very exciting and logical design and maybe we need to go back in time a few hundred years to see what was on offer. Open your dreams and explore them and this is where the book fits in. The fragile delicacy of a woman’s body camouflages the real dynamic roar like a lion, purr like a kitten and still with a massive capacity to fulfill the world’s most important role, reproducing humanity and managing everything in the community and family circle! Designed to be beautiful, to attract and to bring a smile! So what has happened to the dream and where can we start to recover and redefine this bundle of blessings that is woman?? Thyroid is the ladies friend being deeply involved in the soft loving, caring side of the woman but when it is not strong enough for the task the woman suffers! Suffers in health and in appearance. Years ago very few things affected the thyroid, while now it is hammered by bad foods, chemicals, pollution, radiation and medication.

As I gaze upon the most simple mountain lady from Comotes Island who is now my partner, I realize the depth of character that is necessary to get to 45 having raised three children single handedly, well almost as there is always a mother in the picture! But that is the encapsulation of womanhood! To be admired and to be restored! The picture looks good and so what is wrong? Well it is just the simple matter of basic health and basic health especially of the thyroid leads to a comfortable level of health in all the glands and organs as well as radiant appearance. This is including their charisma, temperament and enjoyment of their daily lives! So lets look deeper into that, in the conscious understanding that this book is not written for university professors but for those who will make the most use of its content, the women from every walk of life. The ones at least that see regaining the responsibility for their health is essential. Progress in the world has changed many things and the last two centuries have introduced many new factors which interfere and confuse the living part out of the ideal existence. Going back to a grassroots layman’s version is the only answer! Last year, 2016, one of the shake the world news items almost individually summarizes what has happened to women! That was of course the news that Angelina Jolie had her healthy breasts removed to avoid the chance of contracting breast cancer. This newsworthy action made a number of bold statements and inferences which deserve to be questioned for the betterment of the lifestyle and health of women worldwide! So we will discuss this action and then go on to explain how the lifestyle and health of
every woman can benefit from the logic of living a little closer to nature! Removing healthy breasts is about as far from nature as you can get! She is confirming fear is now clearly a part of day to day existence for the average woman along with an acceptance that there is only one approach to health and it is a very unreliable one at that! These had to be the thoughts in her mind for months before making that decision. but there is lots more in the factors which were certainly not given enough consideration. And we are talking about one of the most beautiful and talented women in the world in the perception of many people! Considerations such as the role of those body parts in the total hormonal makeup of a woman and in natural health circles at least there is a small mountain of evidence that messing with this connection unnecessarily will be highly detrimental to the whole body, family and friendly groups. As it turned out the Jolie relationship has crashed a year later. Whatever! the originals cannot be replaced and so any physical or mental discord within the body from such action cannot be reversed, just managed with constant therapy sessions. So far not a good message to send out especially to the sensitive and fragile youth!

The Genetic Reason of the Thyroid Disease

The accepted inevitability of a genetic disaster should raise some questions when the research coming out of the same year confirms that genetic expression is actually 98% epigenetics or environmental causes and real genetics is only responsible for about 2% of maladies. Real genetics being the adaptation of cells throughout time as part of the species or specific family identification and predisposition makeup. The problem is genetics has been used as an excuse for thousands of things for the last 100 years so the populace is accepting almost everything reported as normal. A major extension of this specific incidence is the fact of the ladies beauty! Unquestionable! And of a level sought by millions of young and even middle aged ladies world wide! The last year has identified in scientific circles, many of the contributing factors to degrees of beauty below what is commonly sought. So it has become a widely confusing incident damaging both the medical prestige and also could be taken to indicate a similar lack of professional ability within the natural health industry. It is true of course that the prevalent statistics for the restoration of totally healthy bodies when breast cancer has been diagnosed and treated is worrying to say the least. The common levels of success include remission seen to be judged for the period of time it continues. A continuance of unfortunate potentiality! It is also a very disappointing indictment for the doctors in general who seem to be happy to accept the payments for removal of glands, organs and other parts with very little understanding of the connections. If instead the thyroid is reactivated there is a very strong attachment to the breasts in all the women I have worked on as part of their complete hormonal makeup.

July 8, 2018

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