How Thyroid Affects The Beauty of A Women

Beauty of A Women

Lets have a look at beauty now and take the classic case of Miss Universe! Ok it is all glitz and tinsel but it is showcasing what the western world sees as beauty with an occasional brownie point for the just as classical oriental or middle Eastern features. List the perfect points they are supposed to display and you also list the conditions which can disrupt and disappoint in the search for the level of beauty those girls display or is expected of film stars, airline hostess, compares and commentators and even the high level company reps. Being a woman is not easy!

A captivating moment in life is experienced when you come across a lady who radiates bliss, rapture or elation just in the fact of being a woman.Being themselves! Over the moon! They glow and lift everyone around them! Have not met one yet? Ok you are in for a memorable treat of a lifetime when it happens. We don’t have a formula yet but many clues and I have already seen them hop down off the treatment table, filling the room with aura unsurpassed. We see thousands of pictures of beautiful women, who’s eyes and facial expressions, show a hint of what is going on behind the scenes, under the skin! The lift factor has not arrived yet! We have the ingredients and plan to put them together in a volunteer group to encapsulate what it is that our readers can aspire to! A state that every woman should experience in life. And of course the ultimate health of the thyroid is the key! That is where we start and every woman deserves to have a life like that.I have met two that I remember in my life! So as we look at the coming lists of those annoying little unsightly and undesirable conditions which can ruin presentation for a woman and see where they fit into the thyroid connection so that we understand not only is it imperative if you seek beauty to start by seeking a healthy thyroid. These lists incidentally do not include many of the ones listed in the 300 group mentioned before because I have not had that level of proof myself to include them.

The skin comes in first quite often and there to derail all your best efforts are cellulite, acne, eczema and a host of others which we will mention. First lets look at the latest research information on cellulite as it comes up first on the list and while it is pretty wishy washy compared to what they should know or do know and are not telling us. Cellulite is a cosmetic condition that makes your skin appear bumpy and dimpled in the wrong places. It is very common and affects up to 98% of women. That’s a huge statistic because it means that it does not need a very depleted thyroid to get started! So it doubles or trebles the number of women in the starters lineup for the thyroid sweepstakes! It is often causing stress and anxiety for those who have it. They say it’s caused by changes in the structure of the fat cells and connective tissues that lie underneath your skin’s surface. These changes cause your fat cells to become large and push outwards into the connective tissue under your skin. There is also evidence of fluid collecting in the tissue and again it is almost only experienced by women around the thighs and sometimes belly and buttocks! Noticeably thyroid is connected with every aspect including fluid retention when indeed it is present!

Hormones like insulin and catecholamines, which are thyroid hormones, involved in fat breakdown and storage could be or are involved! Now over the last year or two the functional doctor set and some of the more out there researchers have provided plenty of information to connect the thyroid with weight gain and lack of control over weight. Fact is of course it was known 100 years ago and up to 60 years ago an overweight person would explain their condition as a thyroid condition. I even remember the teacher telling us those girls had a thyroid condition and not to be unkind to them back in the primary school. But there was a difference in those days in that the class would have two chubby girls and the rest were a skinny normal. Now skinny normal stands out against the middle group who are solid! For various international monetary reasons the mention of thyroid became unfashionable and the powers including our trusted governments tried to convince us that it was all caused by the excessive ingestion of fat! So the multi billion dollar “Low Fat” industry was born and is still thriving in most circles. It is all part of what some functional doctors now call the “betrayal”, which touted many foods as healthy when they were the opposite and condemned many foods which we actually need for health to oblivion.

Getting back to hormones and the cellulite epidemic although it goes together comfortably with overweight. The clear logic has to implicate the hormone estrogen as a predominantly women’s hormone and it is the one which is hammered by the autoimmune condition accidentally in an attempt to eradicate molecules delivered by some of the highly touted foods from parts of the body where they should not be. This experience worsens when there are times of additional estrogen activity such as during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Believe it or not some scientists have been outspoken enough to suggest that an inactive lifestyle could play a part! The level of activity in ones lifestyle has been clearly defined by the functional doctor set as contributing to thyroid deficiencies. Many of the theories in this case are just there for creating confusion such as the inflammation theory although thyroid based inflammation could be at fault at an early stage and also at an advanced stage where the serious diseases line up for an easy opening Pure observation shows that the more athletic a body becomes, the less cellulite is visible but the sheer numbers with the problem rules out every other contributing factor, except the thyroid health. Exercise again is important to the thyroid health itself by contribution to the functionality of the circulatory system!

Finally of course in the case of cellulite manual manipulation diligently over long periods of time is the only treatment which has built up any sort of a creditable name. This needs to be done consistently by a partner or close friend in conjunction with a favorable diet! Ok lets look at the list of skin associated ailments which are now deemed to be connected.

August 12, 2018

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