What You Have To Do The Time Frame

Time Frame

For most people the number of ailments and medications does not matter. The program depends more on how dedicated you are to getting rid of the sicknesses or conditions. And it does not work at all if enough short cuts are taken. So if you are determined to succeed four weeks is enough. Some changes you will probably adopt permanently and your life will change for the better. Repeat the program whenever you feel you need to. If you have been on antibiotics during the last year it is important to understand your digestion will be compromised. The type of antibiotic and the course will determine the damage done. So you will need to repopulate the gut bacteria to be able to digest healthy foods. Read the information on fermented foods and visit your local health food store for probiotics. Do not attempt to use supermarket products for this serious purpose. Start your program with the probiotics and leave the treatments until you see minor reduction in the ailment patterns.

If you are one of those who could fit into the separated child syndrome, you have to accept my deepest apologies for singling you out and you can make a point of proving something to me through your increased determination to benefit from the program. If it does take a little longer to work please understand and put your questions to the website. Never give up! Glean as much encouragement from each milestone in ailment reduction as possible. You are important, loved and supported.Finally those with serious thyroid related complications such as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis or related conditions please be patient but seriously expect the benefits to come. Ask questions and stay dedicated.

August 17, 2018

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