Understanding the real reasons for having a thyroid problem


Check the list of symptoms below to see the surprising hormone imbalance that’s behind it…

1 Flab and cellulite (high estrogen or high insulin)

2 Poor sleep (low estrogen and/or progesterone, high or low cortisol)

3 Weight gain (high or low cortisol, high or low estrogen, low thyroid or high insulin)

4 Fatigue (low thyroid, high or low cortisol, low estrogen, high insulin)

5 Incontinence (low estrogen)

6 Hair loss, thinning hair (low or high thyroid, high testosterone or high estrogen)

7 Crying spells (low cortisol)

8 Belly fat (high testosterone or high insulin) 10 High cholesterol (low thyroid hormones)

11 Foggy brain (low thyroid hormones, low estrogen, low cortisol)

12 Anxiety, depression, feeling “blah” (low thyroid, high/low cortisol)

13 Facial hair (high testosterone or high estrogen)

14 Water retention (high estrogen)

15 Miscarriages (low progesterone, low thyroid)

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms you need to get your hormones balanced ASAP…Oxytocin raised by touch. We should touch instead of texting. Massage gives touch without the intimacy but can raise oxytocin. Connecting and sharing also help. Women can get raised oxytocin from sitting next to each other and chatting while for men it is holding a child. Vasopressin is territorial hormone and is reduced as oxytocin lifts! Also kidney regulatory and aggression regulatory. Territorial is often the application of mate and offspring protection. Pheromones secretion is partially for genetic selection/ differences etc. fertility, decimated by body sprays. Oxytocin and serotonin feel good etc!

January 12, 2019

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