A True Healing Story of A 30 Years Old Woman

Healing Story

The first story happened about twenty five years ago when I had trained in a few natural health modalities and while not practicing, I was called upon regularly to solve small problems. Eyesight, lower back, sleep disorders, headaches etc.This was just another of those cases except this lady had MS! 30 years old, nice family, successful husband, lovely home, best car, you name it, she had everything but she could no longer walk! MS had taken hold of her and reduced her to a whimper. She would spend most every day crying on the lounge. When I was taken to her home by a mutual friend, she looked up at me and did a demo of her walking ability! From one chair to another was possible but the floor was more likely. It was emotionally distressing as she stared right into my eyes waiting for an answer! Anything! So I put my hands on her shoulders and said “don’t worry I will have you running in 8 weeks” Now understand that in those days I knew very little compared to what I know now. So I went home and thought what am I going to do now? but It was just a favor to a friend and I was not charging any money so I thought I could just try to be helpful. I had coincidentally run into one of the best naturopaths in Queensland a few months before at an industry exhibition and we had become good friends. I rang him and ordered a program of supplements for her, A change of diet was also discussed at length, item by item. Then I went along twice a week for 8 weeks and did some treatment work on her.

When I started you could hammer nails into her legs and she would not feel a thing. So the first few weeks were scary she was getting uncomfortable detox symptoms from the diet change and the supplements but she felt nothing from my powerful foot massage. When I worked on the head (energy type) I could often feel a wild interchange so to speak, but no changes came. Week 4 was different and by the end of the week she was screaming in agony from the foot massage and I was laughing my head off.The interesting thing was that the head and neck reflexes were the most painful. I started doing a little muscle work around the upper spine and I arranged for her husband to do a Reiki course so he could work on her as well but limited the areas to those I did not have time to get at. She followed my instructions about the diet and took all the supplements the naturopath had sent down, A perfect angel to work with and it felt like a percentage of feeling and movement was gained each week after the pain started.Here comes the shock be prepared and if you lose a tear consider me as the whole story still makes me watery eyed when I relate it. It was 8 weeks to the day and she was standing near a road with the shopping bags in her hands when a small child ran towards the road. She dropped the bags and ran after the child and told me about it when I received my reward, a very special dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. Needless to say I shed a quick tear then as it was the first very powerful incident and since then a string of others have happened and all very different! So life can be exciting and wonderful.

Looking at the incident now is the interesting part because I had no idea why the healing worked although I injected all my knowledge into it and that of the naturopath who helped with a noteworthy cross-section of supplements. He was giving lectures regularly to other naturopaths and industry professionals and they were at a point where things were coming clear. Check out the things coming clear paragraph!! But he was not openly at the thyroid implication point of understanding at that time. The clear picture in hindsight is thyroid and although I did not understand the thyroid role then, I had many interesting conversations with professionals about the fact that the focus of my treatment turned out to be the neck!! There were many theories but the thyroid never came up. There were people who knew but it had been well and truly buried by the industry,

July 9, 2018

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