The Trigger Mechanism of Thyroid Disease

Trigger Mechanism

In the early functional doctor days the thyroid was resurrected from oblivion and nominated for being implicated in skin diseases, fatigue, sleeping disorders, mental disorders and a range of women’s reproductive organ problems! Now can you see the connection to all the stories of healing! That’s right all of them have connections to this group and while it goes on to raise many more questions in detailing more rigidly the role of the nutrition in all of this and the role of the basic treatment and its action as a trigger mechanism, it has solved my problem in understanding why the treatments worked. The nutritional changes suggested in those particular cases had not had time to make the difference as they normally take months. By studying the progress of the functional doctor revelations and testing, I have been able to complete the workable program for the speedy restoration of the thyroid often taking as little as a few weeks.

This is one of the most fascinating aspects of medicine and natural medicine, occasionally hinted at by doctors and used to cover the procession from one ailment to another within the body for example diabetes can trigger many other ailments like heart disease. But from hundreds of experiences with the physical aspect of healing, there is much, much more to the humble trigger mechanism. It is not a cause or an automatic transition, more likely a set of circumstances which at a moment in time switches something on or off. The trigger mechanism is involved in acquiring sickness at times for example in the case of cancer that is lying dormant in the cells of most bodies these days from abusive eating practices and triggered by such things as smoking, asbestos and weakness in glands or organs! In fact the logic has it that most cancer is just a symptom of low function in organs and glands. When the triggering comes the cells turn to fermenting sugar for nourishment instead of oxygen respiration. This causes them to lose their DNA connection so they do not know what is their role in the body! They just know how to reproduce! So the involvement of triggers in healing is no surprise where it is caused by different forms of natural health practices and chiropractic as the diet starts to be restored. In some of our cases the triggering has occurred before the diet updates and so it becomes imperative that the diet catch up or the body will revert to sickness.Prominent psychologist, Carla Atherton says ”What these illnesses have in common is that they are all triggered when the toxic load has been exceeded and the body simply cannot function under such duress any longer” There are always two sides to the health coin and just as the bodies ailments can be wildly destructive so also can the body exhibit miraculous performances in the restoration of health when given the right stimulus. There in lies the message of this book!

I will not diverge too much here but at least mention that there are hundreds of physical and manipulative modalities in natural health and every one I have tried has a value in healing. We will go on to discuss some of them in the treatment and reversal chapters. The study of these in today’s community is often a hit and miss affair when you are asked by a friend to come along! We have discovered in our own research that the addition of a small number of physical modalities to regular use within a relationship, family or community, can guarantee closer and long lasting togetherness as well as helping with almost every ailment experienced. Apply a mix of modalities to each other and especially the children at least once a week! It is easy to become blaze’ about this when you do not often notice the benefits because the benefit is actually the absence of sickness, which comprises a myriad of diseases which you could have caught if you did not use the natural health modalities . You may need to be a little thick skinned as the misinformed cal you some sort of a nut case for deviating from Only in comparison to the lives of those around you, who are suffering when you are not! You still need to be dedicated! Couple this with a healthy diet and you can enjoy sickness free healthy life for as long as you wish! To tidy up the discussion of triggers I have to say that no research papers have been uncovered yet although method specific books are normally easy to find in the health food store. We will keep observing until the subject becomes a lot more clear! It is worth noting at this stage that because everyone is different, natural treatments, like the foods and supplements will benefit different people to varying extent. So try the ones that are suggested to you and if any of them show little benefit, try something else. The trigger factor in healing tends to come from a combination of methods or modalities rather than a single one.

August 5, 2018

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