The Tricky Thyroid Cases Can Often Include Liver Problems.

Liver Problems

Our program is full of positives but occasionally we hit a barrier with inadequate gut and liver health lagging behind our treatment protocol. Remember we have already sifted out the hormonal ones which have a separated child or compromised virtue to be given more time. The balance of tricky cases will often show less than satisfactory or even adverse reactions to some supplements or foods because of gut and liver status at the time of assessment.The patients confidence can be rattled by reactions and the coach has to deal with hypersensitivity. Toxic buildup is generally the culprit and can even be terminally destructive through liver failure in extreme cases. So lets presume the topic of discussion here is not bedridden for the purpose of this lesson.

Herein lies the detoxification system we have to work with and overburdened though it may be the range of treatments we have at our disposal can handle the problem. As part of assessing the protocol to follow understand that the liver is an important organ that is responsible for a multitude of processes. It filters the blood,stores glucose for energy, produces and secretes bile for fat digestion, is necessary for converting T4 to the active T3 hormone and as our primary detoxification organ.

The elimination of toxins is done through a two-step enzymatic process. Fat-soluble toxins undergo processes such as oxidation, reduction, hydrolysis, hydration, and removal of halogens. This process requires B vitamins, folate, glutathione, and flavonoids. See the connection! As the contraceptive pill and other medications have removed the ability to digest B vitamins! The technicality here is important to the supervising medical practitioner, while the coach will understand the overall metabolisation. The toxins cleared as intermediary substances for further processing. Then the substances undergo conjugation, sulfation, glucuronidation, glutathione conjugation, acetylation, amino acid conjugation, and methylation reactions. The processes detoxify the substances and make them water-soluble so they can be excreted via the stool or urine. Folate, magnesium, glutathione, vitamin C, B5, B12, and the amino acids methionine, cysteine, glycine, taurine, glutamine, and choline are needed at this stage. Again the connections with drug use are glaring.

The liver needs to be given nutrients and vitamins which can be digested. Our detox pathways have become overwhelmed and overburdened. Toxins have built up and circulated through our bodies. Where the body and its organs have failed to excrete the toxins, they will often be stored in fat cells. So here is an important reminder that our standard thyroid restoration program will not also restore a healthy body shape too quickly because those fat stored toxins have to eliminated as the fat is reduced without again overburdening the system or loading the organs with toxins. Symptoms of toxic overload are noticeable as they include bad breath, fatigue, digestive problems, constipation, headaches, itchy skin, rashes, breakouts, joint pain, brain fog, irritability, chemical sensitivity, and weight loss resistance as part of the ensuing hormonal imbalance. Your liver may also show signs of stress in
the form of right-sided chest pain.

September 27, 2018

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