Traditional Story About Thyroid Hormones


Thyroid always has information inflow and so makes more or less of t3 to compensate. Sometimes cells are not totally receptive and other times T4 is not converted at pace to T3. Testing is only partially successful. TSH levels are tested for range. But set range includes ones with and ones without any problem so .0.45 to 4.5 is accepted as normal and we really need to be closer to 2.5 for safety.Doctors need to be aware more of sub clinical conditions. As early intervention procedure.

After TSH all hormones are bound to proteins for taxi service around the body. Then protein has to be removed for access to the cell. Thyroid antibodies interfere. Hypothyroidism hashimotos is major cause in industrial world while iodine is major cause in developing world. This is an autoimmune disease where the body attacks the thyroid as an invader. TPO and TG. Graves disease is the causative one for hyperthyroidism. Doctors treatment plan is normally just thyroid hormone. So they have no interest in testing in more detail because often they do not understand the further interconnections. So normally no treatments available for the autoimmune disease until it becomes very serious as in MS then steroids are used.

Myth has grown up around iodine in triggering hashimotos but actually often refers to the absence of selenium in the diet which protects against the toxic effect of too much iodine. Hydrogen peroxide is produced in the water during the making of thyroid hormone so not enough selenium the h2o2 does not get converted into water and provokes the autoimmune attack.Kelp tablets for iodine. 12 to 15 milligrams.Goiter is the swelling of the thyroid. Cruciferous vegetables in an unhealthy body can inhibit the uptake of iodine being goitrogenic. Steaming destroys G compounds and fermenting improves the situation. Eat your sea vegetables. Eat fish head soup. milk from grain fed cows is is goiterogenic. Soy is also to be avoided.

Thyroid hormone is another kind of thyroid disease and it’s treatment is very hard to get off. Very dangerous as every cell in the body needs hormone. so only one solution is to go on the diet.Remove dairy and gluten and nightshades and eggs also sugar. Check out Paleo diets. Focus on Regulatory cells. Optimise vitamin D. But inflammation and overweight both suppress the intake of vitamin D so it may be necessary to supplement. lighter skinned people absorb vitamin D much more than darker people. Glutathione master antioxidant regulatory for autoimmune system. Whey protein can be beneficial in moderate doses.

Endorphins are important here as well and are created when having fun. All white cells have receptor sites for endorphins so they have a role to play in regulating the autoimmune system as well. So having fun and feeling good is good for you. Wow that is a relief!!!The gut flora help to regulate fermentable vegetables and raw butter. so probiotics will help. Fix leaky gut as it is precursor to autoimmune disease. Desiccated thyroid from animals is a product available which can help.When your thyroid is functioning properly, it sends a signal to your liver to upregulate LDL cell receptors. Those receptors pull LDL Cholesterol out of your blood, which your liver uses to make bile so you can digest things like bacon.

When your thyroid is not functioning optimally, those LDL receptors are not expressed as much, so that LDL cholesterol remains in the blood. Too much of that, and your doctor will likely freak out and want to put you on cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. That, of course, can cause its own set of health complications, particularly when the cholesterol itself isn’t the problem.

January 1, 2019

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