The Top of The Health Pile is Heart and Thyroid!!!

thyroid pile

A gentle reminder that the top of the health pile is heart and thyroid!!! Study it and you will understand!!


Hello everyone you are having trouble seeing what many of the posts have to do with thyroid issues?? Ok LETS SET THAT STRAIGHT! The thyroid’s place in the body plan is at the top with the heart. It is the only gland or organ to connect to every cell in the body and that makes it own special set of conditions!

1.Unfortunately that makes it the most attacked of all the organs and glands from bad foods, chemicals, radiation, cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals.

2.It job makes it responsible for balancing temperature, hormones and chemical flow through the body and to the organs.

3.Because of this if the thyroid gets depleted or taken out, healing in any other part of the body is very difficult.

4.It is also therefore the easiest to restore using natural methods including nutrition and especially all natural hands on healing methods.

5.Depletion and removal only help many diseases to ravage the body and commit the life to daily prescription use which is only marginally effective.

6.Avoid nutrient destroying foods including gluten and sugar and only treat naturally with real foods and natural healing methods.

November 22, 2018

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