Thyroid In Pregnancy



 for a woman the most important time of your life is when you are pregnant. Health is the most important asset in life. It is ever so much more important when you are pregnant. Then there are two lives affected. And also the ease and safety of delivery rely on the health of the mother. If the mothers body is in a healthy shape at the conception it is great but you know this is rarely the case. The interaction with mental determination and balance are no less important when giving birth to a new human being. Two of the things which can and often do go wrong are Gestational diabetes and Thyroid disease. The two are actually connected much closer in this situation than in ordinary life. The thyroid is the one part of the body which can make the process so much better and the results safer and easier. Diabetes is known to be a symptom of thyroid malfunction but the thyroid diagnosis often does not pick up the disease during pregnancy.

The connection of thyroid, low thyroid, hypothyroid

thyroid and pregnancy



This paragraph will describe the connection of thyroid, low thyroid, hypothyroid and their solution.Thyroid hormone is needed for pregnanediol and cholesterol which are precursors to progesterone which in turn is needed for a strong luteal phase and then to maintain the pregnancy comfortably. 

Progesterone regulates thyroid receptors in the uterus so can effect implantation and placental development. 

Low thyroid can lead to low estridial which supports the lining of the uterus and stimulates ovulation. 

Low thyroid lowers follicle stimulating hormone preventing follicular growth. low thyroid leads to high testosterone which causes improper follicular development. 

Low thyroid prevents leutenising hormone which can then prevent the ovulation from occurring. 

Low thyroid associates with increased prolactin which deters cycling. also for the involvement in the production of estrogen needed for cycling.

Excess estrogen is a problem here from environmental estrogen, coming from or leading to endometriosis or a thyroid condition.

A hypothyroid induced lack of ovulation can lead to heavy bleeding. When not ovulating the uterine lining grows and grows and gets too thick so causing loss of iron which is important nutrient for fertility . 

Chronic stress lowers the level of the active hormone and increases reverse T3 which causes a further imbalance to the delivery of T3 to the cells

Thyroid involvement when melatonin is also lowered causing poor sleep. 

Low cortisol slows thyroid response to TSH

High cortisol blocks progesterone receptors, lowers progesterone production and eventually estrogen production and also cellular receptivity to thyroid hormone all over the body. 

Hypothyroid leads to less production of breast milk

Healthy liver and gut are also necessary and conversely hypothyroid condition can slow liver and so less excess estrogen is eliminated and excess estrogen floating around can lead to fibroid cysts and improper hormone signaling.

Hypothyroid is also associated with low stomach acid production which reduces absorption of minerals and micronutrients. These are things we need for development including fetal development. 

Hypothyroid can also inhibit blood sugar absorption creating a lack of glucose to follicles which affects their development.  

Cells of the uterus need supply of glucose. Then adrenals are overworked which is unfortunate as they they help us make sex hormone. also mitochondria in egg cells which need more mitochondria than other cells.

There is a relationship between Prolactin and lactating which is not widely understood at this time. 

So there is a big connection between the autoimmune and thyroid and fertility. Imbalances can also cause pre term delivery. miscarriage, bloodclots, poor fetal growth and still birth. In pregnancy there is 30% to 50% increased demand for thyroid hormone. Baby does not make its own thyroid hormone in first trimester.

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Interwoven with all this is the thyroid, cholesterol, progesterone and fertility connection. 

Now add to all that the fatigue, brain fog, depression and frustration which are common to mothers. Do not rush to the Shrink! Just follow the plans to getting your thyroid to function better first.




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We have mentioned it elsewhere and just a little update! Pregnancy was commonly when a woman looks and feels her most beautiful. This phenomenon is disappearing with the number of epigenetic factors impacting the thyroid. Lifting of the thyroid function through natural means is the restoration of that beauty. Additionally the carrying, birthing and caring for the young child is a trying time for the modern female. A functional thyroid is essential for the process and the harmonious relationship with your man. Long and harmonious relationships and family solidity are byproducts of a functional thyroid.