There is always news coming from the natural health sector.As the researchers uncover all the lies and misinformation.Which has been our guiding light for the past 60 or more years. Also the field of research into many functions of natural substances.Natural practices is opening up the door to a real and practical path for everybody.To achieve exceptional health and fitness throughout life.

Latest news of January 2017

How to get ugly is a website in preparation but the information has been stacking up for years.This article covers the connection between the thyroid and beauty right up to the minute and it is scary!!

From the pages of comes a clear instruction on how to go about it in.One easy lesson that says get thyroid.Hypo and hyperthyroid together could account for almost half of the worlds sickness.But beauty is our concern in this website! In fact many of you will never have heard of the thyroid.If you have it was from someone who knew almost nothing about it. In fact there are still precious few people who do know anything about it and they are not saying.
The reason is clearly money and the opportunities to get people on life medication which rolls in the dollars. Once the thyroid is running well it just happens that most body parts will be in good shape so the money making opportunities are out the window! The other important point is that the thyroid is relatively easy to fix naturally but not so easy using medications!
Now we will give you all the reasons for our concern and show why the thyroid is so important for your beauty. In fact it is almost impossible for anyone to have a radiant beauty without the thyroid being in peak condition!
Here are all the things which could blemish your beauty as the thyroid declines!!

Skin problems
Dry skin, flaky skin, discolored skin, rashes, eczema, acne, blotchy skin and red patches!

pale or discolored skin pigmentation boils, numerous skin tags, cracked heels, cellulitis, easy bruising, allergies, hives, premature ageing and varicose veins. Now some of this can be very serious in fact I will never forget a sweet 8 year old girl who was bought to me when I was doing treatment on some members of her family. She had a serious case of eczema with average fifty half inch open sores on her body. For six years she had worn a straight jacket every night in case she scratched herself causing serious bleeding. What a horrible life! So her mum and grandmother held her down on the table while I gave her a treatment. She was frightened and very sensitive but we got through it and she gave me a lovely hug when I left! A week passed and I had not expected any massive change but her mother rang to ask if I could do another treatment. She was down to one open sore and for once had been trusted through the night without the straight jacket! The second treatment she needed no prompting to get up on the massage table and a month later the message was that her skin was clear. There was a little more to the story but the clear message came from the targeting of the thyroid with all the mixed methods which were used! What a story and I have never seen one so bad since!



How to get ugly

Ok so that was the skin There are a few general lists which affect your charisma, presentation and participation in everything that is happening that you wish to be a part of. basic lack of energy and tiredness before you get to chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Lack of confidence, mood swings, personality disorders and depression. Thats right it becomes hard to be beautiful! So good opportunity for another story and this time it was a wealthy successful lady with a nice family, Maybe not perfect but certainly close to par! I had only to collect some money from her and wanted to put it off for a couple of weeks but something told me I had to do it that day. At the moment I approached the front door she had the gun at her head. She quickly stuffed it under the pillow of the bed and answered the door. I noticed something was wrong so had her make me a cup of tea and then convinced her she needed a massage. After a little over an hour she jumped off the table and declared she felt wonderful. That is around 13 years ago now. She is still living life to the full!! Once again the thyroid is a target because of its very central location. We do always suggest some diet changes to go with or after the treatment because thyroid low function is always a lifestyle related disease.

Lets move on with the warning. So the fact is that the thyroid and vitamin D are the only factors affecting every cell in the human body. this makes them very important for health and very bad for the money makers. junk food manufacturers and retailers, drug companies and so on because when you get the thyroid healthy everything else is going to benefit in the body.

So that is where radiance comes from in beauty! Ok some will have a better share than others but just as an athlete trains the body for the best chance of winning Gold, every woman should concentrate on tuning the thyroid for the best chance of enjoying life as a beauty and passing on most of the benefits to their children.

You want more stories then write your own! The paleo diet and the ketogenic diet and the one we are working on for the tropical climates of Asia and the Americas are on the right track and the treatments we mentioned are both short cuts to thyroid health and part of the key to fabulous relationships through life.

Just one more connection with women’s lives as the thyroid is also implicated in almost every menstrual and reproductive disorder you can think of and from that goes on to be implicated in breast, thyroid, endocrine, prostate and ovarian cancers, heart disease and strokes. So go natural and the treatment patterns will overlap for almost every ailment you are worried about!! Just imagine painful sex, endometriosis, PCOS, vaginal dryness, cramping, myoma, infertility, menopause difficulties, miscarriages, breastfeeding difficulties, arthritis, gout and plantar fasciitis, intellectual disabilities in newborn and autism. Wow all those affected by the thyroid. This does not mean that thyroid is the sole cause but the low functioning thyroid has contributed to the problem and a premium functioning thyroid will contribute to the reversal of the problem in every case!! What more can we say? So THAT IS HOW TO GET UGLY!!!

Ok how many of you wish to continue to get ugly. For those of you that do watch for the subliminal advertisements from the junk food manufacturers and retailers, the chemical companies, the drug companies and unfortunately many of the beaut high tech suppliers of the world!!!. For the rest lets get on to the healing process!! This is going to be fun!!! Just wait for the positive comments every day or every week from your compatriots, friends, family and workmates. Don’t believe it?? ok put a bet on with us!! Contact us for details!! But get ready to start the adventure of your life as you progress to beautiful!!