How Thyroid Makes You More Loveable


Hello again you out there but are you really you?? Are you acting and sounding like you?? before you dispatch me to the nut house or the mental institution imagine that a you that is not quite you and the mental institutions have something in common. Ok Ok I will come out with it. Again it is the thyroid my little friendly gland. And many of our patients now have a friendly little thyroid gland. And this friendly little thyroid gland helps you to be your most loveable self. Believe it or not the real personality of people is loveable just like your kids at least most of them. In fact girls and children are extremely loveable.. 

So whats all this about? It turns out the especially in women but men to a slightly lesser degree are subject to quite extensive changes in personality if the thyroid is running poorly, depleted or unable to do its job. Depression, mood swings, Bipolar, brain fog, anxiety, manic depression, sleep problems, headache, short term memory and fatigue are symptoms of a depleted thyroid. The thyroid is the first part of the body to be attacked by junk foods. gluten, household chemicals, pollution, radiation, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. In most people it is partly depleted at 20 and struggling at 30 but because everybody is different there is no knowing what you will be like. When the depletion happens all those annoying brain problems make it very hard to be yourself especially the loveable self you might remember being back a few years. And of course we can lift the function of the thyroid through natural therapies. Even a few doctors around the world can do that. And when it is lifted it is much more satisfying to live in this world and blend with the people. We see evidence of all this every day in the people we are treating for other symptoms of thyroid depletion. So when something is wrong always concentrate on lifting your thyroid function first. It makes every other area of healing so much easier!

January 16, 2019

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