Thyroid Disease Connections

thyroid connection

Wow we are moving along quite well now! Now this days lesson will gladden your heart a little after some of the previous stuff. In fact time for a little story to help you understand and in fact as I am writing this patient is not leaving until tomorrow so how fresh do you like your news!. Natural Health sees disease as it was years ago when there were a hundred or two ailments, This is because the symptoms, the best treatments and the best results are always obtained by looking at the cause. Now it can be a little complicated but your course is health coach so for the heavy stuff you enlist the help of a naturopath or maybe they have enlisted your help because Health Coach is the hands on department. But there are still thousands of ailments which are not immediately life threatening or sometimes the scenarios comes about where they are your friends or relatives and all the conventional options have been exhausted.

This was one of those cases. The lady was diagnosed with an enlarged liver. Nauseous every day with a little blood accompanying the sickness. Headaches, pain and exhaustion in a 27 year old. We only had a couple of days so we looked at the thyroid and all the symptoms can be of a depleted thyroid including the liver, possible ulcer, fatigue, slight depression and menstruation failing to turn up sometimes for up to five months. The lady had been burning the candle at both ends at work to support her family. Thyroid is relatively easy to lift and when it is lifted it provides stabilization and healing conditions for most glands and organs. So we started with some soaking to relieve the pain which vanished in 2 days, our standard thyroid treatments applied then and the thyroid lift was almost visible. Fatigue disappeared and the liver started to contract. Now this may take a few more days and she left with all the instructions. A very comfortable and happy lady at this point. So many diseases are connected and when a woman comes in for anything we always asses the thyroid by checking all the common symptoms. Most women have a compromised thyroid which slows down healing in almost every part of the body. More on treatments later! Many other diseases are closely connected to acid gut conditions and other general indicators and soaking to help with pain is a real winner. Most medicinal painkillers are hard on the gut and have multiple side effects as we have seen which often make the primary disease worse. Especially in men, pain eradication and gut restoration will make healing easier and faster. Both easy to do or to train your client how to do!!

December 3, 2018

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