Thyroid Disease

What is thyroid disease?


What is thyroid disease? You might ask and the real answer is nothing like you expected. Our website is written in layman’s language for easy understanding. The information, in line with our findings during treatment is always logical and truthful.

Thyroid disease itself, can occur but rarely does. The big problem that occurs is the thyroid’s inability to fulfil its role in the body. The thyroid has three very important roles. The thyroid manufactures some of the hormones in the body and balances the rest to a large extent. It also balances temperature and chemicals in the body. Other glands and organs help with these jobs in a variety of configurations.

The thyroid is badly affected by poor nutrition, junk food, chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, polution and radiation. All of these environmental factors gradually destroy the thyroid ability to act as a healing mechanism in the body. Its ability to balance hormones, temperature and chemical flow in the body. So your thyroid might be functioning at 80% if you are lucky and healthy or 60% if you are still above average.

Most women have 40% or less functionality and at less than 30% you can be diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. If the functionality continues to decline thyroid diseases can take hold such as cancer and Goitre at the thyroid itself.

Many other diseases will grab the opportunity to cause problems in other parts of the body. The balancing ability of the thyroid would normally make it too hard for them to take a foothold. This is why the thyroid needs to be restored to its original glory in every case.

Overactive thyroid is also caused by the same factors although maybe in different combinations. Or according to genetic makeup. The exact reasons are not clear but when it comes to reversing hyperthyroid it is the same process as hypothyroid. And the fact is of course that with either the thyroid is failing to do its job well!!


Who gets thyroid disease?


thyroid disease








8 Women to each man get thyroid related problems. It is now estimated that at least half the women in the world have a thyroid which operates at a lower rate than necessary to avoid related problems. Because common diagnosis only reveals the ones that are seriously depleted, most women suffer unnecessarily for years. Thyroid related problems interfere with the natural beauty of huge numbers of women. In Asian countries where the diet has contained rice for thousands of years thyroid is a major problem. As the Americans introduce and promote the wheat, gluten and sugar based diets totally unobstructed, the teenage girls first get skin diseases, Then hair loss, fatigue, menstrual irregularities and pain. Then large numbers of mature women are now getting serious problems like goitre, myoma, endometriosis and thyroid cancer. It appears that their digestion is not well suited to the new food types and the new tastes of wheat flour with sugar are highly addictive. Needless to say no one tells them of the dangers of moving away from the traditional diets. European women have very high levels of thyroid related disease which is suspected to have been related to the Chernobyl disaster at least in some small way. Radiation is known to be a trigger which allows thyroid disease to become established.


What causes thyroid related disease?


Thyroid related disease is clearly caused by our current food chain which is much too high in processed carbohydrates, vegetable oils and sugars. These are the cheapest ingredients available to make products presented as food. As centralisation continues, access to real natural whole foods diminishes only to be replaced with processed substitutes. This is often largely to do with shelflife and convenience of shipping. While the ingestion of macronutrients is growing the necessary levels of micronutrients from raw foods has declined and many people eat nothing that is not cooked or processed. All disease is related to lack of minerals, vitamins and micronutrients. These nutrients are spoiled by heating. Disease today is therefore rampant. Add to that chemicals as household chemicals, commercial chemicals used in our environment, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and radiation. And there is your cocktail for disaster! And disaster is already here!

The thyroid gland is located in the neck where it is in the firing line for every attack. Remember that everything that goes in the mouth begins to be absorbed in the mouth itself and everything you put on your skin is absorbed to a large degree.


The doctors test is negative! Can I still have thyroid disease?


Yes you can and this is a big problem. Our latest advice has it that there is one lab in America which can test at all levels. The rest only indicate a low thyroid when it is nearly too late. This means that you are instructed to go on hormone balancing medications or have the thyroid removed immediately. Thyroid meds have side effects for which you can take other drugs such as;






Fevers and hot flashes,


Pounding heartbeats or fluttering in your chest,

Changes in your menstrual periods, or

Appetite and sometimes serious weight changes


The other drugs you take to relieve these symptoms will have side effects as well.

So here is where we have to understand that unfortunately pills will never fix the thyroid to where it can function as it is meant to do.


When to take HRT pills?


Hormone Replacement Therapy does help when the thyroid fails to do its job but it fails to remove the cause of the thyroid problem in the first place. Then because the thyroid is still not functioning properly, most of the other ailments are there to stay as well. HRT continues the supply of thyroid hormones to the cells in the body. It does not balance the hormones and temperature so arthritis and other inflammation related problems continue. They cannot be solved with any other existing medication although the pain can be relieved temporarily. The balance of chemical movement in the body cannot be controlled either. So it is only when you have lost your thyroid completely that you should take HRT. Before that happens at least look for a method of restoring the thyroid. We strongly believe that this can only be done naturally.

There is however one woman who can help balance the thyroid if you wish to go that way! We have been following the newsletters from Isabella Wentz for a couple of years no. We do see her a a leader in thyroid management.


Can I restore my thyroid function?


Answer of course is yes under most circumstances it can be restored to a high level function. BUT

If you are living under constant attack from destructive chemicals the answer is no.

If you are a heavy smoker the answer is no.

If you take certain types of pharmaceutical drugs the answer is no.

If you are not prepared to take on a healthy diet for at least three months each year the answer is no.


How easy is it to restore my thyroid function?


It is actually very easy but requires dedication for at least one month, sometimes two! The only program which works uses nutrition and supplementation primarily. Then some natural treatments are used to trigger the restoration. The common treatments are totally non-intrusive.

The nutrition program includes removal of damaging foods and substances from the diet. It also includes a very tasty and nutritional diet. This varies from person to person depending on metabolism. The range of ailments also needs to be taken into account.


Where do I find the information?


Here on the pages of you will find much of the information and especially updates as we understand the problem better. If the contents of the website are surprising but logical and understandable to you, it is sensible to buy the book and work from that with updates posted on the website.


How does thyroid disease affect the body?


There are distinct thyroid disease connections with blood sugar balance. So the blood sugar of the patient should be understood and balanced during treatment. This is significant because diabetes now is said to affect over 50% of adult populations in Western countries. Many cases where thyroid symptoms are present such as myoma, PCOS, depression and fatigue have listed heart disease as an additional ailment. At this point it should be pleasant to hear that in these cases restoration of heart and blood sugar condition is also simply practical.

From this point a huge list of what are called symptoms of thyroid disease is available. Check the page on