The Future


So at least for our members we need to keep moving ahead and one of the problems which has arisen is the difficulty some people experience in attending to their new nutritional needs when everyone around them is locked into the Standard American Diet. We will not elaborate on that at this point. But we have established the Participants membership where we provide the services of a mentor while the disease is being reversed. This does make it easier for the sufferer and normally it is not long before they have beaten the disease and can then return to the free membership.

We have then come up with an option and that is a focused health retreat. The first one opens in the southern island of the Philippines in March next year. It will be a quiet opening as the construction will still be going on but we have clients waiting already who are needing to get on with the process of nutritionally reversing various diseases. The area is perfect by virtue of the fact that all the essential foods are locally available in organic form or very close, which is ok for our purpose.

thyroid diseaseSo the health retreat will be based on the nutritional approach to allowing the body to reverse many types of disease. Some very beautiful and well trained young Philippine ladies will also apply appropriate treatments to speed up the detoxification process. The air is clean and fresh in this area and the water comes from mountain streams. There will be almost no chemicals used in the establishment to add to the overloads which most people suffer.

The package is $4,000 USD for four weeks accommodation, food, treatment and exercise facilities. The understanding is that any person with a reversal goal which is not met can stay for as long as they need after the four weeks at $100 per week until the condition is reversed up to three months. There are some conditions based on the discussion prior to travel and they will have to attend to the cost of extending the visa for the Philippines when required. There is obviously no smoking or alcohol in the retreat and smokers need to have been off smoking for at least one month before attending.

In addition to this we will run training seminars on many evenings during the weeks. This is very important as it is necessary for people to understand the logic behind their disease reversal process. This includes videos from a number of top doctors around the world who have found the answers at least on the nutritional side.

Incidentally we use the word reversal instead of the word cure because most disease is almost totally lifestyle generated and when the people leave us it is necessary for them to understand how to adjust their lifestyle to disease free mode. Also most of our attendees will go away with an understanding which allows them to speak with some authority to other friends and relatives who have similar health problems. So little by little we will have an impact on the numbers. Just imagine that some attendees will not only get rid of disease which can be very painful and even crippling and then join a group to climb Mt Apo which is nearby. This is no mean feat and normally tackled by healthy athletic men and women between 20 and 35. An exciting adventure.

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