Thyroid Causes

Thyroid Causes: Food

thyroid causes-Most studies and individual health and medical practitioners agree that food is the primary cause of all disease. This includes thyroid causes. We eat to live but often eat too much. Sometimes we eat the wrong foods.Sometimes it is the fault of missing nutrients. Eating too much is a common problem. Eating foods without using logical spacing of meals, good food selection and appropriate meal sizes. All these errors put pressure on the digestion.

But of course what you actually put in your mouth is the big difference between health and everything else. The path to a healthy thyroid starts at a healthy gut. A healthy gut includes a correct balance of bacteria. A total absence of foods such as glutens which damage the lining of the gut. Harvard University published a paper in 2016 which detailed the damage done by glutens. In that paper they stated that every time we try to digest gluten it tears at the lining of the gut. Yes they said every time. They actually followed up with a paper that detailed the probability that in the damage from gluten could somehow be passed on to the less intrusive grains such as rice.

If you eliminate that one major cause the next in line of importance is eliminating other known destructive foods. Now we all really know what is good and bad for us.But often chose to ignore our intuition. Sugars, hydrogenated oils (mostly vegetable oils) and processed carbohydrates are then listed. We look at them on TV and our mind thinks “that will make me sick” while our taste buds tell us “Maybe I can give up next year”

Finally a lack of raw food creates an imbalance of micronutrients. Micronutrients are all the ones which are damaged by cooking and processing. There are hundreds of these which play a role in the development of the body and its organs and glands. Greens are very important and in most cases are best consumed as green smoothies, salads or fermented foods. Without these nutrients the decline of the important organs and glands with age is noticeable but slow and steady. Also the bones and connective tissue will suffer creating painful joints and weak bones.

If you are reading here you should have already removed all the heavily processed foods from your diet.Especially the ones known to be carcinogenic. This means they can be known as cancer causing. As keen observers over 35 years or more we believe that the incidence of cancer is predominantly started as low nutrition weakens and presents a sickly cell. We believe other factors can and do then trigger the morphogenesis within the cell which brings about its loss of direction, variation in energy supply and direction, only to reproduce. The first other factors are the often nominated Tobacco smoking, asbestos and all other known carcinogenic substances, radiation and frequencies. We do of course see that part of the misunderstanding of health is due to the wide usage of technical jargon to the proletariat forcing a hands in the air, too hard basket acceptance. This has prompted the average persons abandonment of the responsibility for their own health to the medical industry which theoretically understands the terminology. Therefore we try to present every answer in an understandable way.


Thyroid Causes:Chemicals


thyroid causesChemicals are by far the second major cause of thyroid problems. Chemicals includes the huge number of manufactured chemicals now including some 82,000 substances. While all do not exist in every location it is common to see chemicals spread by winds, water and human movement to all parts of the world. The Chernobyl disaster for example spread radioactive chemicals over all of Europe. Again one report from 2016  had 92% of Canadian women giving birth classed as Roundup ready. This based on the concentration of roundup inhibitors in their bodies. Nobody knows the implications of this situation. So chemicals can be seen as possible causes and probable triggers for cancer as well as thyroid disease. The two are intricately related anyway.

Chemicals also include all the household chemicals such as insecticides and cleansing products. Most of these include oestrogen mimicking molecules which find free passage into the body through the skin. Plastics are all up there on the danger list. Everything! Bags to bath plugs. If it is plastic it is dangerous! Even include the new car smell in your new limo! It might be all plastic and the smell can be there for a year or more!! Lend it to someone you do not like for the first year!! Maybe that is going too far but remembering the new car smell from before I understood this stuff makes me value 2 yr old vehicles higher than new ones.

Then there are pharmaceuticals and everyone has enjoyed the multiple side effects at one time or another. But there is more! Suzy Cohen, America’s favourite pharmacist calls them “drug muggers”. They are the drugs such as antibiotics which destroy your ability to digest leafy greens. Sometimes for up to years. The “pill” destroys the ability to digest B vitamins and so on. We are working on a full detailed list but that is still a few months away. It might not sound that important but both these nutrient groups are absolutely essential for thyroid function. And bones, and skin, and organs and the ability to avoid disease.

Pollution is another chemical source both in water and in the air. In any city pollution is everywhere. There are of course air filters and water filters. One very dangerous one is fluoride which is erroneously added to the water supplies in many cities and cannot be efficiently filtered out. One of the most common chemicals is chlorine.We breathe in a lot of chlorine in our nice warm shower every day. Not everyone has this type of sensitivity, but it’s way more common than people realise. One way to tell if this is affecting you is to see if you seem to be able to smell chlorine more acutely that other people. In other words, do you notice a chlorine smell in your water. If so, it might be time for a filter on your shower. Other chemicals that could affect the thyroid in sensitive people although to a lesser extent than chlorine are fluoride and bromine.



Thyroid Causes:Radiation

Radiation is another about which very little research results are available. But at present a few European countries are investigating the benefits of banning the sale of smart phones to children under 18. So information is available to which the public do not appear to have access. We say use electronic devices carefully!!


Thyroid Causes: Iodine and vitamin deficiency

Dr. David Brownstein has discovered Thyroid Causes, through his research and clinical experience with over 6,000 patients. Approximately 96% of people are deficient in iodine in the United States alone. Iodine concentrates in the glandular tissue. Its job is to maintain the proper structure of that tissue. When we are iodine-deficient  for long periods of time.We begin attracting problems like cysts, nodules and eventually cancer in the thyroid and other glands.

While not so critical as Iodine, vitamin D deficiency is also damaging. A quick survey of muslim women in Bangladesh for example showed high levels of low thyroid function. Muslim women rarely get enough exposure to sunlight to have adequate vitamin D levels.


Thyroid Causes: Genetic

Genetic is a word used to confuse and to make excuses for many inabilities. Genetic and epigenetic are widely confused. Fact is families normally eat the same foods and experience every epigenetic influence together. This factor alone creates similar cell memory in every family member. They also do have a genetic connection which can create a predisposition to certain diseases. If the diseases can be cured or reversed, they are not genetic.


Thyroid Causes: Stress

It is common to blame stress for many diseases. The fact is under normal circumstances the brain needs a higher level of nutrition than other parts of the body! So when the brain is undernourished it cannot work well. Stress is a common result along with depression, anxiety and mood swings. When the thyroid is functioning well, the person is grounded. This again means the person is rarely subject to stress or anxiety, no matter what the circumstances. You will understand this when you begin lifting the function of your thyroid. If the brain is well nourished then also will be the thyroid. While there is no hard and fast rule to this reasoning in different people, it is logical and practical.