Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer connection

This page is focus on the topic of thyroid cancer and it’s reason.All cancers have a connection with thyroid! I know you will not hear doctors make this statement but the fact is that thyroid balances the temperature and hormones amongest other functions. temperature is also inflammation and hormones! Well they are still discovering the total of all interactions but the flow of metabolism still depends to some extent on the thyroid. so if the thyroid is functioning poorly then all the balancing is also done poorly. We have now had the opportunity to test patients with cancer and every one shows a thyroid shortcoming. In all cases again the healing did not begin until the thyroid received treatment! We are of course talking about natural treatment to restore the thyroid not just manage its hormone output!
Tweet: The fastest growing cancer in the US is thyroid cancer. Other glandular tissue includes ovaries, breasts and prostate. All with increasing rates of cancer.

The fastest growing cancer in the US is thyroid cancer. Other glandular tissue includes ovaries, breasts and prostate. All with increasing rates of cancer. First stage is cysts then nodules, then hyperplastic and finally cancer in many cases. Alternate practitioners and switched on doctors are blaming an Iodine deficiency primarily as tests show around 96% people with deficiency. This scenario was supposed to be solved by the introduction of Iodized Salt a century ago but usage has dropped off for example only one fast food outlet in America uses iodized salt. So iodine is found in sea animals and vegetables as well but pollution and nuclear mishaps have reduced the benefits. A National health and nutrition examination survey happens every few years and has shown 50% decline in Iodine levels in American citizens over last four decades. Australia and many other countries follow in statistic analysis.

The food support page will give a list of the foods to adopt and the foods to avoid. Cancer of course as Otto Warburg told us is the replacement of oxygen respiration in the cell with sugar fermentation. And while many additional connotations have been added by the revered medical fraternity, the basic cause stands today unchanged. We consider thyroid cancer relatively easy to get rid of but then we have done it and others face the shocking news from the doctor and the even more dreaded prospect of undergoing the traditional treatments. It does make it relatively hard to accept that there is anything easy about getting rid of  thyroid cancer. We will expand on the statement further down this page. 

Treatment for Thyroid Cancer

Treatment for Thyroid cancer includes Iodine which is one of the halite family which includes chloride and then fluoride and bromine which in all cases are toxic at inappropriate levels. They are crystaline in form. but Bromine is a fire retardant is also used in soft drink. Do not be shocked! there are many poisons in our food and recently it was established that the average American carries around 480 toxic substances. Fluoride is another toxic substance which we are led to believe will fix all our teeth problems and it also listed as a reducing agent to thyroid metabolism. Everyday nutritional deficiencies plus the oversupplies of the toxic substances is the basic reason for increasing glandular cancers. Iodine uniquely has the capacity to turn cancer cells back into ordinary cells. Use as part of a holistic treatment and always use before thyroid medication or breast cancer will be likely but make sure you have detailed instructions from a practitioner first. A good well trained thyroid doctor can feel the thyroid for cysts and nodules. Look for books by Dr David Brownstein and find lists of practitioners from the Second Opinion Series. 

thyroid cancerOur charity team has been working on a number of healing cases in the Southern area of the Philippines and amongst the participants is a young lady of 27 with three children 9 months to 8 years. Like all young Philippine ladies she has been very beautiful and athletic. She had a growing and painful nodule on the Thyroid cancer and spreading to other body parts which are not tested. Poorer people there have little access to medical unless they can pay and of course most of them cannot. The Charity team working within their resources have asked her to cut wheat and sugar from the diet I June 2015 and she was given some herb teas known to be useful for the purpose of blood cleansers. A previous dose of pneumonia had complicated the condition and available energy then was just enough to walk across an average room. She has also been given a few treatments using remedial massage, foot massage and reiki. Progress so far is good as the energy in beginning of September is now available to walk to a beach area some one kilometer away. This is helping with circulation colour to her face and some vitamin D intake for the metabolisation of Iodine. Again within the limited resources of our charity team.She has been given some 98alive capsules to boost the immune system and some locally available spirulina tablets (LEM) as the inclusion of greens in the diet was marginal. An occasional spray of iodine and the replacement of table salt with Himalayan salt have followed. The thyroid cancer treatment is showing excellent results considering it is so limited by resources. XXX