How Thyroid Can be Regenerated?


In the previous post we discussed about the side effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).Many women taken HRT treatment to remove thyroid permanently.But in reality the thyroid does not remove and it creates lot of diseases. Ok lets look at the thyroid in a little more detail and we will find like most organs and glands in the body it can operate at 100% capacity or right down to diseased and inoperative.Apologies to all those who have had removed thyroid but at least we are researching the ways to regenerate the thyroid. We have only heard rumors that it can be done so we keep looking!! It is after all a soft tissue gland and very responsive to healing.

Now we have put in some effort to establish that the thyroid first of all is the key issue in almost all of the women problems we can encounter! From the stories in the previous post where many people were relieved of some form of suffering and of course there are hundreds of less exciting day to day stories of disease reversal in the wide range of the listed ailments. So the focus needs to be on the fact that the thyroid is implicated in all these diseases which are created by removing thyroid. Maybe not completely but always sufficiently to warrant the
direction of our healing programs towards the thyroid.

The thyroid has the cell connection with every cell, it has the power to favorably adjust temperature in any part of the body and the hormones which can cause happiness or depression or somewhere in between! The logic is that in all cases the restoration of health to the thyroid will automatically reduce the extent and pain from diseases listed because:

1.The thyroid is partly responsible for the care of those body parts and functions through temperature and hormonal messages and so in good health the thyroid will actually help you to get rid of the specific disease. It works for you just like the blood and the lymph systems. You can never expect a good result from a sick worker!

2.In healing the thyroid we are removing a cause of our disease. If there is one way to reverse diseases it is the removal of causes because the human body has a massive capacity for regeneration in its natural state.

Then we went on to establish the systematic investigation over more than two decades, we have made and similar efforts of the hypothyroid moma who is a doctor with a fine degree of adjustments in her tool bag that is very helpful to those suffering thyroiditis. Just like us her efforts to assist the functioning of the thyroid have been observed to actually appreciably reduce the severity of the listed complaints.

December 12, 2018

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