This is your thyroid!

thyroid gland

Working on and helping sick people is an eye opener. But the biggest eye opener of all for a male is understanding women in today’s world. It is like a woman is standing there and the whole world is around her bombarding her body and soul with everything harmful. Compared to this stoning could be compassionate.

The thyroid is at the centre of this vicious attack. It is a small butterfly shaped gland at the base of the neck which has a few jobs. The fact that it has such important jobs makes it a second heart! At least!. It is the only gland or organ which is connected to every cell in the body! Every cell! It is the manufacturer of a few of our important hormones and balancer of most hormones especially for women. It is the body temperature regulator and chemical balancer in the body. In the metabolism it looks after Bone, red blood cells, Glucose and protein, lipid and cholesterol. Gall bladder and liver function come under its wing as well as the heart, the brain and the gastro intestinal tract. With that many responsibilities it needs to be kept in good working condition just like the heart! And so it is quite inexplicable that a doctor confronted with a sickly thyroid would pull it out and throw it away. Then the drug companies replace this brilliant multitasking gland with a bunch of pills which inadequately try to balance the hormones. They have forgotten about all its other tasks. Who does them and what happens when nobody does them! Answer: one lady who replaces multitasking with multi ailment balancing. Including chronic fatigue, weight gain, menopausal and almost every women’s problem conceivable. Also all the mental problems which mess with your relationship and family will follow your thyroid removal.

The Thyroid is actually relatively easy to restore using natural methods. So when the doctor says pull it out think about going natural. We also look at the thyroid as the beauty gland.

September 6, 2018

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