The Thyroid Itself And It’s Functionality


Anyway for now we just need to know that it is so widely connected so we can see the part it plays in each and every part of our body. Now the thyroid is just a little soft tissue gland located right where all the chemicals
and pollutants enter the body. I think based just on the description of its location and role it is easy to see that it can quite easily become diseased or compromised. What happens then? Well we are faced with a sick gland
trying to carry out all those important functions in the body. Now it has been estimated that around 450,000,000 women around the world are suffering from a diseased or compromised thyroid. So now do you get the picture? It is not pretty and it explains why women have so many health problems as they are about 8 times more likely to have symptoms of thyroid disease than a man!

One expert claims she has established thyroid connection to 300 of the most annoying diseases women can encounter during their lives including many mental conditions. Now we will run through our list of connected ailments and show effect and connection details so rather than go through the thyroid testing, you can get to a stage where you presume you have it based on a reasonable number of symptoms. This gets you off the medical merry go round and allows you to take action to restore the health of your thyroid. The expert who claims to know 300 connected diseases bases her assumptions on the fact that she can help people with any of those symptom diseases by treating the thyroid. Doing this medically is a hard grind compared to doing it naturally but it often makes the diseases less destructive so one can live and work with them with less pain and discomfort.

Having said all that, I did recently meet with a lady who had her thyroid removed twenty years ago because of a cancerous thyroid. I looked at her and for her age she looked remarkably healthy! At first I thought “this is
impossible” but then she revealed she has lived on a sheep and goat raising farm for the last 20 years. The area is almost without pollution. receiving regular strong sea breezes. The sea is clear and clean. Totally unpolluted fish and of course they use no chemicals at all on the farm. To add to this they have selected a wholesome version of the Mediterranean diet They also have a very understanding doctor who has apparently had her on thyroxin for the majority of that time. This is a wonderful result but clearly indicates that to achieve such a comfortable life on HRT it is important to take good care of every other aspect of your life .

August 9, 2018

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