The Thyroid Is Repairable


This website is here to tell you this does not have to happen. In natural health circles the thyroid is repairable.Current medical practice uses a test method for thyroiditis that registers when the thyroid is almost completely destroyed. That is the problem for doctors in Europe and America. Most of the cases we have worked on using natural therapies have been still sub clinical or more than 10-20% functional.So it has been easy to reverse the decline and restore the thyroid to a high functional state. Apologies to all those who have had it removed but at least we are researching the ways to regenerate the thyroid. We have not only heard rumours that it can be done but also used the rather complicated methods for successful repair of other ailments!!

So at this point we make a positive statement that thyroid cancer can be reversed using natural methods.This does not include chemotherapy or radiation or especially the removal of the thyroid.Which is life destroying for females, making them a walking chemistry shop instead of a soft loveable female functioning as God designed. Read the book available at Thyroid Book. Read other pages and return to the last section of this page! So the purpose of this website is to provide the most up to date information on the thyroid.Its disease and methods of reversing the conditions. The information is provided as study information so a basic understanding is possible for the layman or student.Who are encouraged to back up this information and also learn more before
going into action.

November 25, 2018

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