Support Methods

Support Methods of Thyroid Disease

It is interesting that reading from and listening to the many real experts there has been no real mention of support methods. However this is part of our research and also first hand experience and can represent a major benefit in any treatment program. Because of the location of the thyroid at the base of the neck it is right in the thick of things when natural modalities are concerned. The neck is a prime target for most of the common modalities including massage, reflexology and reiki which are only three of the fifty or more we have researched.

The neck is top of the spine and contains connections to the head for communication, nervous system, meridian system, blood circulation and glandular connections. So any general treatment from a practitioner of any of the modalities will include some attention to the neck. We have noticed that the combination of the three mentioned modalities has has a powerful effect on the neck and the thyroid. It does need to be backed up with proper nutritional attention but can be relied on to make some difference each treatment. So on this page we will give a brief description of health changes to be expected from the various popular methods and combination suggestions.

For example we have personal experiences including reversal of suicidal tendencies, autism, serious skin disorders, chronic fatigue, Multiple Sclerosis and hormonal imbalances as well as some of the basic symptoms of Thyroid disorder. such results are often achieved with a few comprehensive treatments.

We will start with massage and clearly if you study the human body it is designed to be massaged. the human body has pressure points all over it and although other modalities tend to concentrate on the meridian system, massage does have a nice gentle and general influence on revitalizing all parts of the body. There are many types of massage and we will create a website soon detailing all the common forms and their particular advantages. The one we generally refer to is remedial massage. The first obvious advantage of massage is relaxation the natural opposite to stress. Stress is clearly a factor in thyroid disease then if the spine gets some attention each of the vertebrae correspond to an organ or gland. Massage is remedial to the spine although not meant to replace chiropractic or osteopathic treatments. It should be mentioned at this stage that a neck adjustment is often indicated and will always benefit the thyroid. Also most chiropractors now have a masseur on staff to back up their treatments with muscle strengthening. 

Reflexology is next and of course it is well known in the developed world although many of the methods come from the east. Other modalities work on the meridian system and use the meridian system to connect remedial energy to specific parts of the body. They include Schiatsu, Zone therapy, Acupuncture, Acupressure and Body Electronics to name a few. The concept relies on the meridian system which uses electrical and electrochemical stimulus along very specific channels in the body similar in pattern to the nervous system. It can be mapped and observed using high powered multimeters. The system connects to all areas, organs and glands and was originally meant to service all body parts as one walked around. The pressure points to enable this were located on the soles of the feet and the surface of the hands. Needless to say the change to wearing shoes has largely negated the function. There are a few points for the neck at the connection point of the toes to the foot and so firm massage to these points can create healing at the neck including especially, the thyroid. The massage can be painful and often the more sensitive the point, the higher the benefit. 

Finally for the purpose of this website Reiki is the specific energy modality nominated in this group. Reiki is well researched and is actually used in hospitals in some parts of the world for relaxation purposes when sick and dying people are uncomfortable or agitated. Its powers go well beyond this function and many remarkable stories are told about healing in various parts of the body.  The method involves practitioners who are attuned to the frequency of universal energy and unconditional love placing hands on or near inflamed, damaged or diseased parts of the patients body. A noticeable energy is felt which encourages healing and relaxation at the same time. The effects are infinitely variable from case to case although benefit is always felt. Other energy related modalities exist in substantial numbers but unfortunately we have not had the opportunity of researching them. Duality healing is one which we are looking at now.

For the more advanced cases of thyroid dysfunction we actually recommend the use of all three of the above methods and within short time frames as well. We will go into much more detail in the members area in explaining the specific applications.