The Supplement And Treatment of Thyroid Program



The Supplement
After consultation with the local health food store or naturopath.
3.Himalayan salt
Ashwaghanda and some vitamin D and C Supplements No alcohol during the program and of course you should never smoke!There is nothing good about smoking It costs governments billions around the world and gives doctors headaches because there is almost nothing they can do. Smoking shuts down the healing ability within the body and takes seven years to get out of the system! Yuk! If you do have to cleanse the liver it is a good time to do it so you can clear both problems at the same time. The liver cleanse is a little more stringent that the thyroid program but quite doable and has been popular for the last 20 years or thereabouts. Consult your local health food store.

The Treatments
The physical treatments are an important part of this program. And I have outlined the huge difference they make as you initiate the diet changes. The whole program for many will only take a month and for the most difficult cases 3 months. Never give up. You can always contact us through the website and if the worst scenario occurs we can arrange coaching or mentoring through the website as well! Not a problem! I have used three combined treatments for the last twenty years and there are others which work. The three are remedial massage, Reiki and Foot massage. There are a range of treatments which are close enough to the ones I have nominated, which will work just as well. But again it is important to have the three different types.We have suggested that Chiropractic is also valuable in fact based on the depth of training it should be better if anything and kinesiology also gets a mention.

The treatments are to be applied when the diet changes have been made. It is still important to do the diet changes for at least a month even if the problems seem to be solved because what you are doing then is guaranteeing the extended life of the program. In fact we suggest you adopt most of the changes permanently.

December 19, 2018

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