Story of A Woman Who Healed By Energy Treatment

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Moving forward to about 13 years ago and I had furniture stored at the home of a friend of my daughter. She was an attractive young Maori lady. 31 with 8 children and normally very athletic, playing beach volleyball, ladies rugby and basketball to mention a few. When I turned up she offered a nice cup of tea. I asked how she was and was quite surprised when she said she had been sick for a few days and actually bedridden she had extreme headaches and the pressure feeling in her head stopped her from touching her head. The doctors had given her stronger and stronger painkillers. I took her to the bedroom as soon as she told me and gave her a treatment. About an hour. Maybe a little longer. I concentrated hard with the last serious episodes in my mind including a couple of incidents of stroke reversal at the time of the stroke!. She got up after the treatment and all the symptoms were gone she said “I feel wonderful” but when she was laying on the bed I noticed the life line on her hand ended at around the age she was!! on the way home I called in to see the person that had taught me palmistry and he just shook his head. “She’s a dead duck” were his words “but don’t stop working on her while there is some hope”! So I went back in two weeks and the symptoms were back a little less devastating! Again I did the treatment and this time on the massage table which makes it much easier. I took her to my friend, another naturopath when the symptoms again returned after about a week and he did a full series of tests and recommended some things but the symptoms kept coming back. He did ring me that night and gave me a rundown on what he saw as her condition, telling me that she had actually had a stroke and showed indications of more serious strokes coming.

The Energy Treatment Is Applied to the Woman:

I gave her a couple of more extensive massages and arranged a change of diet and some supplements. I also picked up on a couple of points that helped me find what I thought was the right treatment during one of the foot sessions. Two more treatments and the problem was gone. So I was relieved especially as I was to be away on a sailboat for four months. As soon as I arrived back I went straight to her place just to make sure she was ok although we had spoken on the phone many times! I got a real shock when I looked at her hand. A crisp new lifeline went all the way around the base of the thumb!!!. The tearjerker here is the fact she has had two more children since the sickness was reversed as well as renewing all the sporting activities!Again The focus was on the neck! Remedial massage allows you to work on the muscles around the upper spine and I have been well versed in the connections of each of the vertebra to a functional part of the body, but those connections are few and less specific when it comes to identifying specific glands in the brain. So in all the incidents there were many questions left unanswered!

That lady now lives in New Zealand with her husband and visits Australia about 3 weeks in a year. I visit Perth I month each year. So do you think it possible that we could both be in Perth at the same time? Do you think it possible that we could be both in Perth when she needed me without running into each other?. Of course it would be impossible. This life role causes a few changes in the way you think. Especially the way you accept unusual sets of circumstances. And so that is how my life unfolds. Each of these messages is a link in the understanding of the human body. You can imagine the feelings of joy seeing that lady maybe six years after that story and seeing a stunning healthy lady around 37 and now with 10 children. Two of the children have been born since the story happened and did she give me a big hug!! Wow!! Old healers love hugs! Then her daughter who I had known as a helpful schoolgirl, who made a good deckhand on a sailing boat also gave me a hug even more concentrated.

The Life of a Healer is Full of the Best Forms of Excitement:

The life of a healer is full of the best forms of excitement and it is excitement that money cannot buy.The stories which are written include a number of incidents which define some of the ways that energy can be manifest in our lives to advantage. Energy treatment is part of the toolkit and I will embellish this as part of my suggestions for the acquisition of sheer radiance for the women of the world! And this is fact, not something I dreamed up. In the early days I observed regularly that a pregnant woman would look radiant and now I understand they would have had a very functional thyroid. So too a woman without the pregnancy can acquire a permanently elated feeling complemented by the radiant glow that I have seen many times. We know the answer now!

July 11, 2018

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