The Story Behind The Functional Doctors

Functional Doctors

This is where the game changes and it is wonderful to know that some of the medical profession have been helpful in sorting out my problem albeit accidentally. I have always been keen on study and natural health is a continuous study if ever there was one! So about four years ago on the internet, there begun an influx of functional doctors as they are now called.

Fact is they are mostly created by necessity and the numbers are growing into the hundreds. The necessity comes from the fact that they were suffering from escalating ill health as they worked through their studies for the medical professions! And of course how does a sick doctor get well and it certainly is not from following standard doctors advice as they will all tell you. For all of them it came at a time of extreme pressure from studies and hormonal changes and the misleading lies about the health values of almost everything you could attach a health tag to and at a time when their teachers and peers were laboring under the same load. So all their results came first from incorporating nutrients from real food and then powerful supplements into their diets. To do this they also needed to know what really happens in the human body and so the evolution of medicine at least for those doctors bore some of the hallmarks of a century earlier and then some incorporation of research results from universities around the world.

Doctor Joseph Mercola is now quite famous and he was one of the first out there to sit on the fence and so I believe he became a mentor to many of them, These students only very gradually had any reliable information feed. Now there are hundreds of functional doctors and they all have their story of reversing their own disease. What they collectively came up with is a more accurate understanding of the digestive process which can go wrong in many ways including leaky gut, gut flora, acidity and elimination problems which in turn spark the immune system into action. Unfortunately the effect of many of our less healthy foods today is to cause the immune system to become overactive and actually cause damage within the body while killing off pathogens and accidentally targeting some of our essential hormonal and circulatory makeup! The immune system often creates barriers which can become plaque in the body! The technical explanation for all this is very complicated but easier to study now because of the amount of information out there from the functional doctor set themselves. The immune system out of control is called autoimmune disease. These student doctors were being taught the germ theory as a beginning of most sickness with genetics thrown in as a glib answer for any question too complicated. The bottom line being the infallibility of the right pill! Now they were bought face to face with the body fuel theory along with digestion and elimination as the cause of not most but all disease. Back to Hippocrates!

A word of warning here though if you do take this further and start studying the summits, blogs and webinars from some of those functional doctors is that no two are the same. Because there is now a substantial profitability in information subscriptions there are many operating who are not fully cognizant in the top level nutritional disease management and are clogging up the path to good health by creating, selling and promoting half baked solutions and so absorbing a deal of the profitable business and actually creating confusion for the sufferers. But fortunately many also are genuine and very helpful in their online business. They also have a variety of approaches which will suit some patients better than others. Also remember that even at the highest levels, most of them are teaching management rather than reversal. They are doctors after all! I will put a list of functional doctors on the website so you can check them out. I rate them on the minimum reliance on drugs in the advice. There are also one or two
who just interview experts and they make millions out of selling the videos of the interviews. People watch them and get totally confused and inevitably give up, which is not what we want. Avoid them like the plague! Never jump into the subscription without examining the value to you first!

Anyway I was happy the blossoming of this group of internet doctors did open up for me the understanding of the thyroid gland which is a little soft tissue gland in the neck. It started with the thyroid function being described as underactive or overactive. So it views like a automotive speed with percentages instead of miles or kilometers. The thyroid has a receptor at every cell in the body initially for purposes of temperature control and that includes inflammation situations. Then throw in the thyroid role in making or balancing most of the bodies many hormones which govern the pace of the various sections of our metabolism. So our program through observation and research can become the accelerator peddle. The thyroid reacts to stimulus more than any other organ or gland and tends to carry them with it. It controls the engine revolutions. It is the real adjustment for metabolism
in the body.

And of course only in a very healthy being is the thyroid actually functioning at anywhere near 100%. Why is this? Well Many of the exciting new foods which hardly resemble anything that came from creation or evolution, contain estrogen mimicking molecules which are great targets for the immune system when it gets carried away and the real thing gets targeted for extinction as well quite often. So the bottom line is that the thyroid needs to be a positive powerhouse of activity and unfortunately tends to crumble under the load more often than not. We need to stimulate it constantly and this knowledge has been boosted by the hundreds of experiences of the functional doctors. We are proud to be able to add the other important component to this expanding knowledge.

August 2, 2018

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