How The Skin affected by Thyroid and Chemicals


The skin is the biggest organ of the body and causes a lot of trouble nowadays. It sucks in everything you put on it although it is a couple of layers thicker than the lining of the lungs or the gut. Almost everybody has a skin problem of some sort. The medical profession generally sees it as a skin disorder to be repaired by putting something on it or taking something to change the feeling created by the disorder.

In natural health we see it as a thyroid symptom.The thyroid balances chemical action, temperature and hormones in the cells of the body including the skin. If the diet is not wonderful this means that the cells of the skin are not all that healthy either. So what happens when anything antagonising comes along from inside or outside? It creates a skin disease. If the diet was less than nutritious the thyroid will also be sick or depleted! Right? Of course and the antagonist is often chemical but could include radiation or something quite natural like a brush against a plant leaf. The antagonist is just a trigger rather than a cause. So now what do we do about it?

The cause must be rectified. Putting creams and lotions on the skin rarely works and they are mostly chemical. They add to the problem in most cases although many small manufacturers are now coming up with better and better preparations from nature which can clear up small discolouration and infestation. Food is always part of the answer because the cells in the skin need nourishment. We have serious discussions about that later on. Now is the interesting part. And this is very important! Nourishing the cells of the body will help and over a long enough period of time will actually reverse the skin disease as the thyroid becomes restored to do the balancing. But do you remember the triggers? And we have a discussion about triggers later in the course but right now we have someone suffering so we apply the treatment program for the thyroid. And lo and behold quite often the skin problem will clear up in days, certainly will clear up!

There is also a lesson on soaking and a lesson on thyroid treatment for you to connect back to this point. Also there is a really lovely story about serious Eczema on a little 8 year old girl. It is good to remember that in many cases these skin disorders can leave permanent disfiguration of the skin even if you have done the treatments and the disease has gone away!

December 27, 2018

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