The Side Effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT)


At my Thailand trip I meet three ladies and all are 30 years old.One lady form France,one from Germany and the last one from Italy.All of these ladies are suffering from thyroid.They shared me about their thyroid disease and All with doctors who want to remove the thyroid as soon as they get back from their travels.No thought about getting it healthy again. Just remove it. This is a form of genocide for the ladies of Europe. Maybe they will not be dead but miserable. So just think of this story as a female!The overlying message was the distinct map of Europe! The geographic triangle of Germany, France and Italy! And you will now say what about England? Don’t worry England is full of thyroid cases.

So in analysis of this story the clear observation is that there are many doctors in Europe who are prepared to remove the thyroid and place the lady on Hormone Replacement Therapy for the rest of her life! There are now some medical websites which are adamant that the thyroid when running low as subclinical thyroiditis can have up to 300 symptoms. And they have irrefutable proof for many of them while others are derived from long term scrutiny. So the logic of removing the thyroid instead of repairing it is fraught with disaster. Or maybe that is the extent of their education! How will all those symptoms be controlled once the thyroid is gone? Answer:They won’t be! They will run amok and be virtually uncontrollable.

In Bangkok I met another thyroid patient lady who was also 30 years old came from Canada.She had already lost her thyroid and was extolling the virtues of the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and I listened politely but of course could not help noticing that she weighed approximately the same as the other three girls put together and her skin had an uncharacteristic reddish blush.And lets look at those girls in the story.They all had energy and sleep problems. Two added painful and unreliable menstruations and surprisingly only one had significant skin, hair and nail issues. So out of a possible 300 symptoms they may have been lucky or did not mention everything, Even living and traveling with energy and fatigue problems can be tedious like living with them permanently. I should
add here that each of those girls mentioned that it was a time in their life for settling down, getting married and having children. If the doctors have their way they can kiss goodbye to a comfortable relationship! Very Sad!!

December 11, 2018

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