Surges in early stages can provide symptoms of hypo and hyper thyroidism so efficient testing is required. Once you know your condition it is a good idea to begin reversal seriously and quickly as the condition is serious enough itself but also is a precursor to other disease. 

The top issues are nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities such as gluten, adrenal dysfunction, gut infections inability to get rid of toxins. low b12 intake.

Now it depends if the patient has a mild or chronic condition and given that almost everybody has some imperfection in the thyroid lets get started! The first group have the mild case or even just the suspected case and so the correct approach is to follow the notes in the food support pages. Adjustments across the board will make a difference. Then estimate and examine your activity patterns and sun exposure. Then it is always a good idea to go to and fill in one form then keep a record of it. There are a number of reasons for this but most important is to check progress as your body eliminates symptoms of thyroid or some of the associated diseases. Finally it is necessary to understand that the average citizen from a developed country has traces of nearly 500 toxins in the body. Most of those toxins will affect the thyroid directly or indirectly. So cut out or reduce as many as you can from your living environment. The page on support methods will also shed some light on the value of some of the support methods that we have researched. Indulgence in any of these methods will be beneficial.

The next group are the serious to chronic cases and you will know because you will have many symptoms and health issues which are annoying to downright painful and disruptive. For you it is necessary to take the food support and support methods and do something about it. You will need to remove all the foods which are known as goiterogenic and to start learning to enjoy meals and snacks from the beneficial group. As you will know there are millions of cooking classes and books out there about cooking so firstly throw out all the ones except gluten free. Ease yourself into a total observance of the foods to get rid of lists and the ones to supplement with within one month so the transition is not too sudden. You will go through some changes and pressures as your body detoxes and if you lose weight too quickly concentrate on the foods which are recommended for detoxifying the body. This is to stop toxins from just jumping from fat tissue to organ tissue. Once you have settled into a slow improvement routine you can start using the support methods page to find therapies which will support and speed up the progress. This is important as the process otherwise can take many months or years. After all you have been messing up your body for decades. Go to and fill out the form and keep a copy so you can make notes as the symptoms disappear. This gives you the confidence to push harder and achieve better bad better health. Thyroid dysfunction will never go away completely because there are so many complicating factors but you can get it to a point where you will not know it is there due to a total absence of symptoms. Then you will understand what is necessary to stay extremely healthy for the rest of your life. 

The next group is the same as the last one except they are all women with stress. Now the thyroid is regularly indicted for complicity in depression to the point of suicidal tendencies. So there are also implications of the thyroid having its sticky fingers in many associated so called mental problems. Any amount of stress can cause the thyroid additional pressure and the results are always clear. But it is never one cause and must be improved from many angles. so this group will apply extra concentration to the relaxation techniques detailed in the support methods page.


selenium helps to neutralise free radicals as a result of thyroid hormone production with iodine and also helps in the conversion. Vitamin D is a known immune modulator. levels between 60 and 80 optimal. 

B12  add for fatigue and digestive disorders. low stomach acids. 

Adrenals production of stress hormones tells to slow thyroid. So thyroid makes more reverse T3 for a time. Like gas pedal T3 to speed up and revT3 to slow down. So people on thyroid medications go well for a few weeks and then crash to more tired. Problem can be adrenal fatigue due to complicated adrenal feedback mechanism.

90%. Stress and autoimmune run together lack of natural anti inflamatories in the body. Cortisol levels decline from morning to night. Will effect. H pylori treatment associated with thyroid antibodies. Bacterial infection that attacks parietal cells that make stomach acid production also tied in with iron and B12.

Traditional therapy is add water instead of fixing the leak.

intestinal permeability. leaky gut. Food sensitivities can be delayed. 



3selenium 200 mgms

4digestion pepsin

5enzymes all digestive 5 capsules per day

6cell magicare

7from cigarettes anatabloc isolated substance from tobacco.

General thyroid knowledge

most doctors use one test which is TSH 2.5% of population has it so everybody is normal, normal and normal until you are sick!, really sick. No seeking of antibodies because they do not know what to do with them. So treatment again is a one size fits all storage hormone T4.

Dr Kelly Brogan was fine and fit for years and eating everything she should not. She was a medical doctor psychiatrist who questioned the standard treatment. 

Mental health connection. Active hormone effect on mitochondria in every cell. Elevates all forms of mental disease including depression. So patients are shepherded into Psychiatric care when the repair of the thyroid will often fix the problem. In psychiatric care it will get worse because the cause is compounding. So find Kelly Brogan on the internet and se what she has to say in detail about these problems. In fact in one area specific survey over 90% of women diagnosed as psychotic actually tested positively for Hashimoto disease. 

PMS is closely connected to thyroid function.

Menopause support the adrenals. 

Possible ineffectiveness of artificial thyroid therapy has been specifically given attention by almost all doctors who specialize in thyroid. Connection between arrhythmia and maybe hyperthyroidism. Check this with Dr Kelly Brogden.