Hello again everybody glad to see you are all so excited about what is happening here. We have worried positively about the world health situation and identified a number of general areas where we can help many hundreds of people maybe more. I am John Rubie, volunteer at Thyroid Health Retreat which is charity facility for locals in the Southern Philippines. I have studied natural health for 35 years and written Thyroid Book plus a hundred or more websites. We also set up and are looking for more introductory courses. All one month, one two to five page lesson each working day. Charge is $100 per course and it is certificate of completion. They are very comprehensive courses enabling actual healing written predominantly for the Asian and Middle East areas but getting interest from US and UK. Very new but exciting. It is very new but very exciting and current courses include.

1.Health Coach
2.thyroid Health Coach
3.Mental Health Health Coach
4.Relationship Health Coach
5.Family Health Coach
6.Stroke Energy Medicine Health Coach

The tropical Herbal Medicine and the first full Certificate Course in Health Coaching courses are coming soon. These are all Natural Courses and results are naturally excellent.