Resources is written as a resource page for the students of Natural Health College in Asia ( It is current news about treatments on all types of thyroid diseases and their progress as they are done by students or staff at the college.

ResourcesThe first in this blog page involves a group of five children from a poorer family near Davao in Ph who have a skin problem. The sores are all over the bodies in the two younger children and have been getting worse for 6 months or more. The two year old boy when carried out was pale, grey and crying but almost lifeless. Sores on the feet and hands were open and weeping a puss. Two friends who took us to them thought he was dying. They were all sensitive and timid but given as much of the basic treatment as possible. Treatments have been continued over 6 weeks at the rate of one per week as they live well away from our retreat. Dietary changes have been suggested but not implemented. Also we have made up various skin treatments which do not appear to have been used. Obviously the children are not accepting them.

Progress at six weeks is good with both older girls 8 & 6 completely clear, a brother of 4 has the darker spots on the skin where the sores have been and the two young children now have no open sores but scabbing over in all areas. These are the hardest to treat although now sit there like angels once the treatment starts. They cry first because they expect some pain. But once the treatment is started they are fine.Plan is to continue treatment until the school holidays and then invite some of them to the retreat for a week of heavy nourishment. At the same time we might check out the oldest girls teeth. Very bad gums arrangement.