A recovered Story From Inflammation of The Thyroid


In Davao I met a 27 years old lady very attractive but appeared emaciated and wasting.She was exhausted when I met her first time.One day when I met her at home and seat together then my automatic response was to walk over behind her chair and start doing a treatment.She just sat there without saying anything and appeared very relaxed. I found she had a tumor on the thyroid and the whole area of shoulder and neck was inflamed. Actually she pulled my hand away each time I got too close!I massaged what I could of the neck and did the feet and a little energy work on the head. Maybe half an hour or a little more. I went back to my seat and did not think any more of the incident.

I suggested some urgent variations to her diet and got her onto Mimosa/papaya leaf tea which is all available in the streets and country around Davao and acts as an efficient blood cleanser. I had presumed the problem was a form of thyroid cancer because of the total body close down. The inflammation gradually left and the tumor began to shrink from a small finger size.The inflammation gradually left and the tumor began to shrink from a small finger size.One day about three weeks later, when I see the lady was physically strained and then again a week or two later we went for a walk to the local seaside about two kilometers. This time a little better again.She seems fully recovered although lifestyle diseases and especially when thyroid connected can never be cured in the true sense of the word. As they are epigenetic they can return with a lapse in serious nutrition or an overdose of pollution even. The lady is very beautiful now having regained her condition and back to normal weight.I still give her a treatment every now and then to ward off any recurrence of thyroid.

December 22, 2018

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