The Recovered Story of Eczema Patient Who Was Only Eight Year’s Old

Eczema Patient

Again I went to a home to do a treatment on a lady who was a friend of the family and this was more of a top up and not desperately needed, a friendly gesture! and on this occasion a line up started and I thought whatever happens in life’s interactions is not just good but great. So in addition to the lady I worked on the mother’s sleep problems next then the daughter.

The First Meeting of The Little Girl:

A few minutes on the sister, who was a little shy and then a little girl of eight years old was bought out. On closer inspection she had very bad eczema on the backs of her legs, the insides of her arms and across her back.An average of fifty open sores around ten millimeters wide each. This poor little girl was sensitive to the extreme and frightened. She had the condition for six years. All the life she remembered in fact she knew nothing except the itch!! Now I will tell you elsewhere to never be sympathetic it is one of the most negative and dangerous emotions encouraging the afflicted to become used to their ailments and accept them as normal!. After some cajoling her mother and grandmother held her down on the massage table and I did what I could with this squirming little bundle. She survived and gave me a big hug as I left the home a little later. So at least I felt good and this is what you must do in the knowledge that you will help almost everybody and never hurt anybody. A week later her mother rang me and subsequently bought the daughter to where I was staying at my son’s house. She was down to just one open sore and the skin was looking a mite more like skin instead of a battlefield. For the first time in her life she was able to go to bed without scratching madly. In fact she ordinarily watched movies until she fell asleep on the sofa every night tied securely in a straitjacket! Imagine years in a straitjacket!! The doctors had given her every pill and cream known to man in an effort to clear up the condition. Anyway she jumped enthusiastically onto the massage table and I went to work thankful of the improvement but not expecting more changes.

The Recovery News of That Little Girl:

I did not see the girl for many months as I had returned home some 5000 kilometers away. I opened an email from her mother around a month later to say her skin was clear of all open sores and back to normal. She called me an angel and again I was feeling good. How much better can one feel I do not know!! But again so many unanswered questions and now the spectrum of maladies is growing just from the more dramatic cases. At this stage it is necessary to confirm that I have no special powers and it is just the hard work of the treatments which is making a difference but the question on everybody’s lips is why?? Now of course I presumed the story of the autistic child was theoretically a story of the mental aspects of life and personally being unable to differentiate along any specific dividing lines between the two, mental and physical, I just accept what comes. I obviously by this time suspect that the two aspects of sickness are so intertwined and having read several books on progress in research by actual brain/mind research scientists I can understand that the field is still wide open and very little is really known.

July 21, 2018

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