The Physical Treatments Which Can Speed Up The Healing Program

Healing Program

Now comes the exciting part because there are two aspects to this book that you will not find anywhere else as part of a thyroid healing program and we have mentioned them already briefly. The first is what we call the trigger mechanism and the second comes without saying is the physical treatments which can speed up the healing or cause the trigger to operate. It is possible for healing to come in hours or days or a month! I know which will be popular but either way the nutritional program must be allowed to run its course. Now we are putting the manipulations in before the Supplements just to separate what we consider as food from the supplements, because supplements will vary person to person and the treatments can magnify the variation in needs, The program recap gives more detailed information on the foods which are acceptable.

Triggers Again:
So we have come to one of the parts which separates this book from all the others and I do not mean to knock them as many of them have played a part in my education on this aspect of health and prompted me to write this book. Fact is many of the best book writers are still struggling with minor aspects of their thyroiditis management programs which I would love to help them with if I ever met them. I cannot believe that a person who is guiding others to better health should admit they are struggling with serious thyroid connected aspects of their health. But then again and this is a very important statement! Health is transient and is the epigenetic expression of our life on this earth. There are now many thousands of factors which can ruin our health and so we are constantly required to balance them out with beneficial practices and substances. So almost all of the diseases now can come and go according to the status of our digestion, fitness and environment. Incurable was a word created to relieve the professionals of responsibility, but it is really applicable now as we fight against all the causes of sickness on a daily basis and so while it is possible to live a very healthy life we can also become diseased if we make the wrong lifestyle choices. So if the word cured is used it means eliminated for the time being.

The development of this section of the book has taken me a lifetime because I only ever had an interest in health with no intention of being a health professional or working in any health field. I have seen the influencing factors push me along and been lucky enough to meet hundreds of people who have shaped my destiny without really intending. All being the type of people it is easy to look up to! There was also a necessity factor as my health was never perfect because I was a classic example of the betrayal! I was one of those who was being hoodwinked day after day by the false and misleading information everywhere. In the background I am far from easy to protect or guide as I am easily distracted to the latest taste sensation and this after all is shaping us for the future. But of course meeting the special people makes a difference. While each of those did not have a knowledge of the whole plot, they did have a field of expertise which allowed them to understand the truth about that particular sector of the health triangle like water and greens, supplements and food products and of course the medical mishap stories. So always there was an interested guiding hand to stop my mind from succumbing to the pressure from the media!. Most of my friends and acquaintances of similar age without the benefit of this alternate information flow now cannot see out from under the cloud and fear any change! There is now of course a blossoming generation who can see that nothing mainstream is working so they are actively seeking functional alternatives. Read the credits section and you also will know who to look to!.

The special people in my life were always there, somehow introducing me to new aspects of health and fitness like they felt sorry for me! Now I am one of them! Anyway all that being said the fact is that disease is controllable and the body can recover! My most trusted mentor was a wise elderly RN (registered nurse). She used to say “what gets you into it will get you out of it”. Ok Age is a factor as the body declines and this will give me some interesting moments over the next 50 years. Giggle! My theory is that the body is built to survive for 120 years and it is age and the accumulation of all these factors which determines the actual expiry date. I have tried
most of the serious diseases including several types of cancer of which one was picked up in a medical checkup about 6 years ago. I did not go back for more checkups but became very active in reversal mode for quite a few months.I know I have been exposed to high levels of many toxic substances including paints, fiberglass, asbestos, cigarette smoke, pollution and overindulged at some time on everything I am telling you not to eat or drink! But I got the diseases and had to work out how to get rid of them because the history of medical help in my circles was unfortunately nonexistent. My sister and last wife both died miserable deaths from cancer following the most extraordinary advice from the health professionals. Both were told not to worry about the smoking and to eat ice cream as it will give you energy to fight the cancer as part of their medical treatment!! Well that was over ten years ago and hopefully mainstream has changed somewhat. If you read the stories of the hundreds of functional doctors you will find almost all of them were sick during their university years and could not get any real help from their teachers, friends or specialists in the same profession so they have had to find their way back to at least enough health to operate a medical practice. Swimming upstream in a flow of misinformation! Now I am mentioning this again at this stage in the book because you need to have confidence in what you are doing. It is not all beer and skittles! Getting healthy can be hard work and you need to stay dedicated. There will be times when there is a slight reaction to diet changes or the detoxing component of your program will release stored up toxins in your system, making you nauseous or giving you diarrhea. Then there is a very serious flaw in the human makeup! we tend to forget the bad health bits very quickly so I will ask you to go to a website called and just fill out the form completely and email yourself a pdf copy. You can do this weekly in a four week program because annoying ailments will disappear and you will not remember them. But you need to understand progress for the confidence it gives you both while you are doing the program and also after the program is finished and you need to be reminded of the benefits. I have done it myself so I am well and trul familiar with this problem. Also the archives can reveal what caused and
what helped in the healing of specific ailments.

August 21, 2018

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