Path of Sickness And The Thyroid

Sickness And Thyroid

Now this is a very big one and very contrary to programmed opinion and that is why it is so important. When you get to Lesson 76 you will read a lot about functional doctors. They were the ones who get sick during their medical training and survived by taking on nutrition, which is not taught in medical school. Just quietly many of them are still struggling with the less incapacitating diseases because they do not know some of the things which you will learn here. Their existence however has revealed or at least confirmed the path of disease which has been hidden to the public for 60 years. Aristotle told us we are what we do and in around 1925 the nutritionist Victor Lindlahr, who was a strong believer in the idea that food controls health, developed the Catabolic Diet. And of course back in those days without pollution that was correct. There was infection as well but it plays a very minor part although all the plagues involved infection before sanitation was discovered. So today there are a number of problems which occur in the gut. And most problems which do happen in the gut go on to cause problems elsewhere in the body. We will mention them quickly because there is regular overlapping and the same thing when we get to eliminating the diseases. Many of the suggested parts of our program do actually cover multiple problems. The simple approach is the best with the background knowledge staying in the background. The biggest one today is where the lining of the gut is damaged. It is mostly just a single cell barrier and so this happens easily and is repaired quickly in a healthy body.

Harvard University in 2016 published a research paper saying that every time we eat gluten for example it tears at the lining of the stomach. They were mostly referring to the gluten which comes from the grain group of wheat, rye and barley. That’s right three of the most popular grains have a destructive effect on our gut. To add to that disaster level Harvard published another paper revealing that the effect of gluten could be passed on to other less destructive grains such as rice. The functional doctor set have taken up the cudgels against gluten and created several gluten free programs which help a noticeable percentage of their patients over time with a range of

So when gluten gets past the lining of the stomach along with other food particles into the metabolism, there is a reaction from the immune system. There we rest for a second or two to add another sad problem for our dietary delicacies. Dairy has been pasteurised for 50 to 70 years, depending upon where you live. Now the chemists have added homogenisation which reduces the molecule size throughout so that fat molecules are not different from the milk molecules and therefor do not tend to separate in the bottles on display. From what we can make out it is purely a cosmetic step to lengthen the shelf life and add cosmetic value. Unfortunately the dairy molecules can also breach the gut lining barrier and the blood vessel walls as well. The big problem now is that the immune system has to attack all these alien molecules in the body. It kills or builds barriers against these molecules as they float around the body. So is created what we call autoimmune disease.

Now it is also a fact that many of the invading particles are oestrogen mimicking and as the immune system eliminates them a lot of the real oestrogen hormones are mistaken as invaders. This creates a burden for the thyroid. and the thyroid itself can come under attack. It is the gland that balances the hormones amongst its many jobs. We will discuss its role in the next Lesson on glands. In many people the thyroid is under attack for many years before anyone notices any problem.

October 4, 2018

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