beauty and thyroid

To successfully reverse thyroid downturn and restore the thyroid to its original glory some people will have to forget everything they have ever been told about health. Sorry about that but it is a fact! Are we are going to be brutally frank about the exiting lives and the changes which need to be made.

The first change quite obviously has to be diet and all the things which irritate the thyroid or the immune system have to go. Start with Sugar. Just a few hundred years ago only very rich people had regular supplies of sweet foods of any sort. Now everybody consumes their annual supply of sweetness every day. Sugar as we know it is deadly as you can see from the rates of diabetes around the world. But diabetes is largely a thyroid symptom! And all the various types of sugar are still sugar. Then get rid of gluten. The chances of you having a depleted thyroid and not being gluten intolerant are negligible. This means everything made from wheat, rye and barley or even containing tiny traces of them. Most processed food contains wheat because it is cheap to buy and process. Most processed foods are not real foods just flavours and carbohydrates.

While you are healing throw out the oils except for coconut oil, avocado oil and butter. Eat real foods and try for 50% in its raw state. Green smoothies and juices are great at this time but make them yourself. Salads can be real designer foods and always use home made sauce containing cider vinegars. Probiotics from the health food store are essential. Meat, eggs and fish is fine and keep the carbohydrates down. Eat lots of greens.

Go on this diet for two weeks then visit a Thai massage salon for back and foot massage. Follow up with Reiki or energy healing. The three modalities need to be done in quick succession. Some people will notice a difference in thyroid symptoms within days or weeks. Others will need a month or so. Remember you need to rid your system of pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, statins, the pill, pain killers and others for your metabolism to function properly. Ask questions in comments. Age does make a difference in response times and also past trauma.SORRY SORRY SORRY BUT THE PROOF IS THERE WHEN YOU WISH TO SEE IT. All beauty necessities are met when you have a healthy thyroid. Just the same as most diseases are irreversible until the thyroid is restored. If you have lost your thyroid the future is bleak but still ask what can be done about that!

October 24, 2018

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