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Meridian System

There are a number of physical treatments which are widely beneficial as part of your treatment and I will try to describe each in some detail as you will need to assess their value in your particular situation. All of my best, most dramatic results have been achieved with a combination of foot massage, Reiki and remedial massage to the upper part of the back and neck, If you have been to a number of natural health facilities you will notice practitioners tend to develop their own method after they do their courses. In fact I now occasionally teach a course which is again a variation on the combination.

The Meridian System:
The foot massage I use is actually a derivative of zone therapy, which was originally used by medical practitioners at the turn of the century 1890 to 1920 give or take a day or two! There were various books written and provided an absolutely brilliant background study of the human body and its meridian system. This is the system which allows acupuncture, shiatsu, reflexology, acupressure, and body electronics to work as well as they do. I can imagine that many of you are also thinking of a modality I left out of the list! Yes there are more in fact I believe the use of meridian was not just oriental but practiced around the world!

Just to give you an idea of what was and what has been forgotten, the good doctors had found that an aluminum comb which was the poor people’s comb back in those days was useful in helping the lady during childbirth. It was to be held in the hand firmly with the comb’s teeth against the finger joints. Yes it did hurt but apparently when you are giving birth, pain becomes relatively commonplace so one more or less is of no consequence! When my second wife was in labor at the hospital she tried it as the pain intensified and, compared to pulling my hair out, it was more beneficial fortunately! We had only been there for an hour or so and she was quite agitated so I went to the desk at about midnight and suggested it was all going to happen soon. The nurse came in and politely informed my wife that the doctor was coming in at seven in the morning and they were expecting the delivery at about 10 am. My next visit to the night desk was only about an hour later and my sons head was well and truly on its way. Ingrid was in her thirties and it was her first child! My daughter used it as well and an old friend who believed in alternative convinced one of his daughters to use it for her first delivery which took a few hours but the other one decided against it and took 27 hours. That little evidence is not enough to prove the validity but needless to say many hundreds of applications from the teachings of the book were highly beneficial.

Now that was doctors back then before pills! Genuine care doctors! The doctors who wrote the book were busily teaching many others to use the new therapies and they were getting fantastic results with all types of ailments and no side effects. Mind you then there were around 200 diseases now there are 10,000 and then each food had one ingredient which was food! Anyway that was zone therapy and of course most foot massage uses a similar approach, a little softer and a little less painful. It is a method of using the meridian system in the body to stimulate metabolism in the areas of the body where the disease is present. By massaging the feet or the hands is the most common way although the meridian system runs from head to toe and has points at intervals along each meridian. There are plenty of books which will point you in the right direction, explaining the details of how and why! Otherwise most Asian masseurs do a foot massage session for a modest fee and you should ask for additional work on the neck area. Thai and Chinese foot massage is brilliant for this purpose.

Actually I should tell you that foot massage cost me a lot of money at one stage because I wore glasses from the age of fifteen and when I was in my thirties I went for my first ski trip. I was fit and enthusiastic and so very sore at the end of each day. I went for a massage at the hotel and a sweet, solid lady pummeled the daylights out of me for three quarters of an hour and then gave me a foot massage to fill in the hour. She was able to tell me everything that was wrong with me. Not that I had anything serious but it was interesting enough for me to become fascinated and I had to order a book from another country to begin studying. I was going with an A grade squash player at the time and we had a match each week. As you can imagine playing squash with glasses was difficult because many times the angle of vision you needed was cut by the frame. So for six weeks I massaged my feet for a few minutes before the game and after six weeks had to throw many thousands of dollars worth of glasses away. They were all expensive ones. So fact is foot massage does work and as part of our trigger mechanism back to better health it is an important tool. The foot massages do hurt but the hurting is the message you need to tell you that something is happening!! Now triggering a disease reversal is unpredictable even though I know it will happen to most of you. And maybe with some ailments and not others or if you are in the difficult category maybe not until you go one jump further. For some of you the triggering will start at one applied modality and others will need the three or more repeats of one or all. Sorry I cannot be more explicit here and of course part of that is because we are all different. Weaker, stronger, short or long history of ailments, different toxic buildup etc etc. But you yourself will have a good idea and probably expect and experience the level at which things will start coming together.

There are some variations in the mapping and description of the meridian layout especially on the feet. To me the thyroid point location has always been at the base of the big toe where it connects to the foot underneath and there are some eye spots there also. It is very uncommon to massage feet without getting some pain just there! If you look at the foot you can see the spine shape running down the lower inside of each foot The heel represents the coccyx or tailbone then the natural spinal curves to the big toe which is the head. In fact all the toes represent the head.Foot massage is probably the closest to a trigger of all but experience has taught me to follow what works. Also it can be a little abrupt at times and we have to remember that most healing has a detox component! Detox itself while necessary and fundamental has been known to be harsh and uncomfortable at times so the combination of therapies balances that out gently, allowing the healing to proceed with a minimum disruption to the rest of the daily metabolic process. Fact is also that the combination of modalities is always helpful at some level and it is a good idea to have everything working for you at this time.

September 2, 2018

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