A Mentally Depressed Person Who Was Recovered From Massage and Energy Treatment

Mentally Depressed

The Condition Of His Life Before The Treatment:

There is another story about a very good friend I met about eleven years ago and we have met up regularly ever since. We often help each other with our projects and I have come to know him as honest and caring in every way. He has had a history of mental problems and depression largely created from a devastating childhood and collection of ancestral catastrophe. A drunken and abusive father had probably contributed most to his condition. He has tried to create a good family himself although his wife has also a completely different ancestral problem collection. The children have basically been hard to raise in these circumstances as unhelpful and often antagonistic and disrespectful although as adults seem to be stable and creative for the time being. Anyway the family was not what you would describe as functional and in this case religion added a further hinderance to sanity. While they all went to the church when I met them the rift grew progressively as they developed friendships with others who were far from the same persuasion, while he was staunch and acting as a religious mentor!

The Treatment Starts:

Seven years ago I rang him to see how things were and he was clearly distraught and had been unable to work for many weeks so I told him to come to the Island where I lived, which he did and he stepped off the ferry crying and shaking. He incidentally is a very strong thickset and well muscled man. He can be a regular powerhouse at work when he is stable and motivated. I started work on him straight away doing some reflexology, energy, massage and some heavy intuitional counseling and of course the nutritional corrections which I was helping myself with.
The next day he offered to help me work on the house and lasted half an hour then had to rest the balance of the day. So I worked on him for about 12 days. Each morning we would wake early and I would give him a really stirring and intentionally disruptive session then send him for a walk while I worked on the house. I could hear him wailing loudly as he walked through the forest. But he was improving and noticeably. He is also heavily into the bible and a christian church which in this case because of unhelpful pressures seemed to be part of the problem which involved some sort of a power struggle. Having him there full time and still keeping up with my work on the house was very demanding on my energy

Treatment Changed Him Completely:

I was glad when I could send him away but when I sent him home he was at least back to work the next day, organized, competent and much more confident. His wife rang that morning and said “what have you done to my husband he is a completely different person”. That sounded good but behind the scenes there were still major issues and eventually his wife came up to a mountain retreat for a few days and I did the same type of work on her. When she went home he rang the next day and said “what have you done to my wife she is a completely different person” Pretty corny stuff you might think but in my mind a significant milestone in two persons lives who have been friends for some time. A few more sessions followed and improvements were happening so it gave them a couple of years with a dash of harmony. This story is of course unfinished and all I can do most of the time is confirm my willingness to assist whenever needed. These two people knew the offer was genuine and regularly turned up. They were also helpful to me in whatever way they could be. Its just interesting when you get comments which are out of the ordinary! So what is it all about? Why does this happen to 60% of families in Australia and America? Why me getting involved? Where do I go from here? I have rarely actually thought about this stuff just left it to my subconscious to provide a set of self preservation and responsible guidelines and now there is you!! So what do I tell you and could I advise you?? Don’t get me wrong there is a very definite path in what is happening! I hope you still have so many questions. Do we ask them and expect an answer or do we move on and create a little more happiness and functionality in our lives and in the world as we go?. Well there are more story type clues and hopefully the discussion following will clear a few questions!

July 27, 2018

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