The Remedial Massage Part Of The Treatment

remedial massage

The remedial massage and especially to the upper part of the back and the neck. At this point we should mention that chiropractic is an alternative but if you think of including Thai massage, ask it be done gently. It is fabulous for many things and especially for a general physical tone up. And of course it depends on the practitioner that you visit. When I go to Thailand I like to have at least two a week and always try to find the less upmarket shop with a price list which does not mention any of the fancy options. Then it is normally pure trained Thai massage exponents who are brilliant and I tend to be reasonably healthy with a purpose to tone up the physical metabolism. Chiropractic is excellent although a chiropractor can complicate this program for the average user. We rather suggest the use of Chiropractic as part of your maintenance program once the thyroid restoration is advanced. So it comes down to you having a chiropractor who you are comfortable with all the time and if you already have one just add the other two methods.

The thing is that chiropractors have struggled to survive against determined oppression by the medical sector. They train as long as a doctor and have a much better understanding of health than the average doctor. The spine is a very important part of your health makeup and every vertebrae has a connection with a gland or organ in the body so when you ask for an adjustment that will help your thyroid they will know what you mean. Like every professional there is pressure on them to speed the process of adjustment and so many have special tables or other electronic gadgets which partly do the adjustment for them. One or two I have been to and never went back to were because of the disappearance of the personal touch adjustment from the practice. Its up to you! Come back to the remedial massage if all else fails.

Remedial massage is taught in most countries and there is a high level of professionalism and normally no gadgets. So you can go in there and expect to get what you think you are getting. In this case what we need is extensive manipulation of the mussels surrounding the upper spine up to the top vertebrae and the skull connection and across to the shoulders. There is not much more to say about this component of the program without defining what I look for specifically because you need your practitioner to do it his/her way. Another possible treatment avenue is the kinesiologist but again the use of gadgets has put me off the last visit where she was using a tuning fork to do the treatment and I did not feel I got anything from it. I had studied kinesiology myself as part of my training but only use it in special cases. Maybe try again one day but for now if you have one of the old school practitioners in mind by all means give it a go! Maybe I am showing my age! I have always given some time and effort into seeking the logic and conclusions from the new advances in any therapy! kinesiology is another of the modalities which uses the meridian system. There are a range of courses and the highest trained are as knowledgeable as any medically trained practitioner. However there are a number of basic courses including touch for health which are still very detailed but do not compare with the full

September 4, 2018

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