The Lists Which Affect Women’s Beauty First

Women’s Beauty

Flaky skin, Boils, Rashes, Skin tags, Eczema, Impetigo, Easy bruising, Acne, Chronic itching, Varicose veins, some wrinkle types, skin allergies, moles and warty growths, hives and even premature aging all of these are the effects of thyroid.The connections come from studying the writings of the hypothyroid moma amongst others, she is one of the helpful functional medical crew from America. She has made confirmed connections through treatments. Still very medical orientated so I would love to treat some of the functional doctor set and they would notice some changes!

Now I hope each of you did not recognize too many of the classic exterior thyroid signs and you can also throw in hair loss. Each one of these ailments has serious connections with the thyroid so the thyroid may not be the single cause but is deeply involved and if it were totally healthy the ailment would not get started. Now you can see what I mean when I suggest the thyroid be treated as a beauty therapy, as it is actually much easier to restore to health than trying to heal any of those symptoms individually. Most can be masked but never eliminated. But when the thyroid is restored they also go away normally. You will have noticed that each of those symptoms can be very disconcerting when you are trying to be radiantly beautiful! Now is not a good time to get soft so we will throw in another handful of ailments which will make it even harder to display your beauty because they affect your temperament, charisma, projection, self confidence and coordination. These are all mental issues. they include: Migraines, headaches, depression, panic attacks, Brain fog, poor concentration, Phobias, Loss of drive, personality disorders, nightmares, suicidal tendencies, anxiety, While these are all mental issues, they once again interfere to different extents with the process of being beautiful, and maybe nothing is more female than beauty! Again restoration brings the potential to be radiant!

Lets trip back to the dear lady with the gun! Now that we have found the connection it is a little easier to discuss. The lady had everything! Well viewed from a distance certainly everything that her friends and neighbors would have viewed daily as sufficient to create happiness. Big house in a good location, huge gardens with swimming pool and tennis court! The two children were in their teens and maybe a little of a handful at times and hubby! Well! Ok so nothing is perfect! She was a well respected professional lady with a busy practice! What could ever make her that unhappy to wish to end her life? Well this is one of the big problems with the thyroid. It affects everything, quietly and surreptitiously. You never really know it is happening! You are eating foods which you believe to be healthy. At least it says so on the packet. Look at the average packet of breakfast cereal or the loaf of bread! reading the label is making you feel good and healthy and the tummy ache which follows is not obviously connected. So how could you possibly know as each little complaint is separate or is it? The skin breakout is just the skin and we have some pills and creams, The endometriosis must have come from somewhere, Caught it where? Or maybe it is genetic? The thought of five different annoying little health problems coming from one soft tissue gland in the neck never comes up and when we go back to that list you will notice that some of them are very serious ailments. How could they come from one source. Well they do not actually come from it but the thyroid is a carer, responsible for the well being of every cell in the body and there are enough of them to go around the world side by side in each and every body! So no carer and the woes begin!

At the same time we are throwing everything at the thyroid. Only a very small percentage of our foods look anything like they did 200 years ago and all the tastiest ones come in a packet so we have no idea what goes into them or how they are processed. I know there is some fine print on the side of the packet which I cannot read or understand! Then there is all the sprays in the house and even automatic plug in ones which spray away all day! Then perish the thought that there is anything dangerous in the cosmetics. One of the books in my library which I have never had time to read is called “Don’t go to the cosmetics counter without me”. It is the same thickness as the Anatomy books! and just as heavily packed with information! Now remember this! Many of the substances packed into the cosmetics have estrogen mimicking molecules which permeate through the skin into the metabolism and create cute little targets for the immune system. Caught in the crossfire are the real estrogen hormones and you can imagine the damage to your hormonal balance! I know I have mentioned that a few times but it is very new information and we are writing to many people who will never have been exposed to any of this information. Ever!

So just remember this as you roll along satisfying your taste buds and keeping the bathroom mirror from being upset, that processes are going on in your body which are not necessarily kind to your thyroid and actually making it harder to keep up with all its tasks.If you have any hint that you may have one or more of the diseases which we and a few others are saying are just thyroid symptoms then have it checked immediately or do what I do and presume you have the problem and then start the program. Lifting the thyroid will always help a few symptoms which you did not expect were ailments. For example falling hair. One day you will notice that the bathroom floor is no longer covered and you just see an occasional one hair! So there is every chance you will not notice the things which are going on or view them as ailments.

So back to our poor lady with the suicidal tendencies and while she looks ok, things are going on inside which could have turned from nasty to worse. That’s right ladies! Minimum indication to those around and an irritated tummy could be the only signs for oneself that it was not what it seemed. For others of course it is quite different as they are obviously suicidal. We did cover some basic differences in women but will mention it again! The reproductive system is sacred and dependent on the way a girl is raised to some extent. And of course involved deeply with the hormonal system which is many times that of a man’s. So they will never understand! But always sacred until! There are many things which can happen to destroy the sanctity of the reproductive system and most of them are widely damaging for the life of that person. There is no real research but there are actually large numbers of girls who are molested and they may look and seem adjusted and normal but I believe this process is never really finished or closed. Same with miscarriages, abortions and children being adopted out.

In fact any circumstance which creates a gap between a mother and her child can create havoc in that ladies life! Even the flat out denial of any effect is often just a screen! The factor plays out in the ability to be healed, which is diminished noticeably and the antidote in many cases is actually giving birth! That is most of the time but there are exceptions and it is occasionally noticed that the first born after some situation has caused that mother- child separation of which we speak, will trigger a range of hormonal and mood reactions! More study needed for that one! It is ever so much more important in these cases to provide as much support and encouragement to improve the health of the thyroid. And believe me the thyroid is deeply involved in all these cases as the first signs of success are seen when the thyroid is getting healthier! How does it get healthier? This program is the only comprehensive and time effective way.

August 13, 2018

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