Lifestyle Interventions and a Root Cause Approach Can Work.

Root Cause Approach of Hashimoto’s

Patients diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, as well as progressive practitioners, have found that lifestyle interventions and a root cause approach (trigger identification and removal) can dramatically improve the way a person feels and may, in some cases, reverse the condition.

Taking selenium as a supplement and reducing stress are two things you can do to start feeling better right away.Adopting a gluten free diet is another thing you can do right away. Hashimoto’s, like celiac disease, is an autoimmune condition.People with Hashimoto’s are more likely to have celiac disease, which causes the immune system to react to the gluten protein in food. Both autoimmune diseases have been found to respond positively to going gluten free. In fact, 88% of my readers with Hashimoto’s reported that they feel better after eliminating gluten from their diets!

Other lifestyle interventions include addressing nutrient deficiencies, identifying and removing food sensitivities from your diet to help heal your gut, balancing your adrenals, reducing your exposure to toxins and detoxing your liver, and addressing any hidden infections or parasites you may have.

October 22, 2018

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