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How much money you have spent for your health?

Every annoying thing that has stood between you and radiant beauty as well as many frustrating health issues, are actually connected to low thyroid function, depression, nervousness, anxiety, arthritis, diabetes, weight control, Just about everything because the thyroid has a receptor at every cell in the body. Lifting the health of the thyroid allows the healing to begin everywhere in the body. Otherwise you struggle!

How much have you spent on beauty?

Beauty like nutrition has never been a part of the medical training curriculum. Beauty has always been seen as a standalone. Something we apply to the outside of of the body. Nothing could be further from the truth. Beauty is meant to be. It is part of the body design for the women of the world and it all comes from inside. Same as health itself. The unattainable level for most women so far has been Radiance! We have found that the higher you can push the natural function of the thyroid, the more beautiful you can look and radiance comes within reach for every woman.

How many positive results from your doctor?

No wonder the medical professionals do not say much about it! The best way to cure a disease is still prevention which is one role of the thyroid. Healthy eating, exercise and a few inexpensive natural treatments and supplements have been found to lift the function of the thyroid, whether or not you have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's or hypothyroid. Compared to reversing heart, liver, kidney, brain or any other organ, gland or body tissue disease which can take years, the restoration of high level function to the thyroid is easy, taking days, weeks or a few months at most

Reason of building E-BOOK

  • This is fact and logic beyond comparison and nobody mentions it because they want you to pay millions for a far less comfortable and genuine form of beauty! Nature always produces the best! Radiant beauty never came out of a bottle.
  • Ancient wisdom is the bane of modern diseases, Natural practices date back thousands of years and is a big part of the thyroid book program. The first writings about this type of therapy appear thousands of years ago. The words of Hippocrates pointed us clearly at natural foods with enzymes and micronutrients. More historical references or are you ready to get beautiful? How about we throw in health as a not so accidental side effect?
  • thyroidbook's philosophy is in the fact that the thyroid is easy to restore to a high level of functionality! And we plan to share the information and help the women of the world to enjoy life and radiant beauty along the way! The program is fast and inexpensive and we have had almost 100% success when using the program with our friends, family and anyone that came to us for help. The results vary only in the time frame as some have obstructions to healing and others do not. We have discovered the best way to restore the function of the thyroid and share with you in the book a number of exciting stories where the different symptoms of thyroid have been reversed and the person achieved good health as a result.
  • Why the thyroid? Ok the thyroid is The thyroid regulates the rate of energy production in the body’s cells. Hypothyroid means the body’s metabolism slows and makes you feel sluggish. That is called Hypothyroid it also reduces your immune system function, leading to chronic infection. Its responsibilities are all affected including body thermostat function
    • metabolism and digestion regulation
    • pace of digestion
    • ATP the energy carrier and mitochondria production
    • Makes T3 and T4 thyroid hormones
    • Controls sensitivity to other hormones
    • Plus many other functions
  • Why? Well the thyroid and vitamin D are the only body components with a connection at every cell in the body! So the importance goes without question! Hypothyroid also increases your risk of degenerative diseases including heart disease, cancer and arthritis and a risk of widespread infection. In a severe case, the energy level in the body’s cells cannot even sustain a basic level of metabolism, creating a life-threatening situation. Why don't we hear about it all the time? Easy and to be honest, the medical fraternity actually know very little about the thyroid compared to the heart, Liver and Kidneys which they can now successfully transplant with a certain amount of drug maintenance! Then of course if they told you what we are about to tell you their cash register would go very quiet. Sickness is an industry in fact the worlds biggest industry, and health would give the manufacturers of BMW big marketing headaches!! But don't worry. You can find the answers to all your questions in
  • It certainly isn't going to help your health by a long shot if you continue to do what you did yesterday. No Risk, 100% money Back Guarantee! We truly hope you see the potential here, and realize how important this offer is! You can learn all of this Risk Free! We want to be an absolute, no-brainer for you. That’s why you can order your copy with complete peace of mind. It’s really easy to get started. You just need to click the link below and you will have your copy of The book which is subtitled “every woman’s solution to every health and beauty problem”


For women every health problem, every beauty problem solved by lifting thyroid function

skin disorders program to help reverse skin disorders.

eliminate headaches program to help eliminate headaches.

against constipation program to help against constipation .

eliminate overweight program to help eliminate overweight.

restore fertility & menstruation program to help restore fertility and regulate menstruation.

rid eczema program to help rid eczema.

Myoma and PCOS program to help against Myoma and PCOS.

chronic fatigue program to help eliminate chronic fatigue.

against backache program to help against backache.

stop depression program to help stop depression.

clear diverticulosis program to help clear diverticulosis.

against insomnia program to help against insomnia.

against anxiety program to help against anxiety.

rid gallstones program to help rid gallstones.

clear asthma program to help clear asthma.

against cellulite program to help against cellulite.

goodbye to arthritis program to help kiss goodbye to arthritis.

clear acne program to help clear acne.

against fibromyalgia program to help against fibromyalgia.

eliminate migraines program to help eliminate migraines.

against varicose veins program to help against varicose veins.


John Rubie

I have written the book for the Tagakpan thyroid health retreat from 25 years of experience and study into natural methods.This is a hard one because there is so much, in fact I wrote the book the healers story some years ago and now it is withdrawn from sale so I can update it with another 100 pages.


Thyroid book is for sale as an Ebook or paperback. It is a reference manual as well as a book which is easy to read. To buy the Ebook you will join the ……….. membership and pay $19.95 USD through PayPal or $39.95 for the paperback, which will be posted to you. When you buy the paperback, the E book will also be released to you so you can start reading instantly. PayPal is world famous as one off the easiest and safest payment methods in the world, We use a membership method because we have gathered most of the information through our own experiences and research with foods and supplements, however there is a component of information coming from medical sources and it will need updating from time to time and so we have the opportunity to do that updating. That information will be sent to you as an email every couple of months. Also other books are already started linking the thyroid subject to lasting relationships, partner selection and care, children’s health and God’s food which is a description of the healthy foods, supplements and therapies available in different parts of the world. We will send notification when any of these are ready.


For women every health problem, every beauty problem solved by lifting thyroid function