The Ladies Own List Of Thyroid Symptoms

Thyroid Symptoms

Ok lets do the dreaded list before you chase me around the block! These are the specifics which apply just to the ladies. Yes there are a lot and the scope of probabilities is massive after we have finished the list! This is where the world needs you girls. Just the fact that you are reading this book means you believe there is something else out there something better than you have at the moment. And of course we believe it is information! Information which will enable you to control your own health instead of waiting forever for someone else to give you an answer that works! Now I know you hate me for diverging but this morning I received an email from one of the functional doctors. She tells her own story of heavy, painful periods, acne and mood swings, Missing school made her embarrassed, insecure, shameful and carrying a feeling of missing out on the goodness of her life. Popping half a bottle of Ibuprofen each time a bad period was experienced. Then one day the pad failed while she was sitting in class, she could not move! Frozen! and panicked, she was 15, embarrassed and confused. Sitting in a pool of blood! And her doctor had told her it was normal! Changing a pad every 20 to 30 minutes.

It is actually a massive warning sign and the sum total was that she lost 14 years of what should have been a beautiful life because of lack of information. Genuine truthful information! She is a beautiful person and writes very useful information which she had to uncover and research herself and I will include her name in the credits on the website. I shudder to think that a woman should have to go through that! Almost as bad as the little girl in the straightjacket! Sorry back to the dreaded list! The dreaded list includes irregular periods. That’s right a hormonal problem affected by the thyroid! Now this has been accepted in most circles for years! Then start adding exceptionally long or short cycles, cramping, bleeding and painful menstruation and NO it is never normal! Everything you do and expect as a woman should be so much easier than it is today! In fact life should be a comfortable pleasure! The hormonal cycle should bring elated feelings alternating with comfort and self confidence. And that is without drugs. Drugs can help but have their own little swag of problems!

Back to the list. Disappearing periods, heavy periods and the tension that comes with them! PMT, bloating, Endometriosis, Myoma, PCOS, painful sex, vaginal dryness, In fact almost any variation from normal in the menstrual cycle or later on in menopause is related in some way to a malfunctioning thyroid! Oh Dear! They are not individual or isolated illnesses! If you have to take pills then go to a doctor who specializes in the thyroid and not one that takes them out and replaces them with pills! Eventually you will need to get to the cause before you can start living life again!! Don’t go yet there is more! Unfortunately the problem extends into the time you set aside or even accidentally create a new human being! The most divine and deserving act in a woman’s life. So the thyroid symptoms that affect pregnancy include failure to ovulate, miscarriage, infertility, still birth, abnormal estrogen levels or testosterone or progesterone for that matter, loss of libido, fibrocystic breast disease, gestational diabetes or anemia, hemorrhages and placental problems, prolonged labour, inability to dilate.premature birth, Breasts leaking milk or breast feeding difficulties and a few different types of birth defects. Now again the connection is even more understandable with the clear hormone related, women only problems and for the men there are low sperm count, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation! So that’s what happened! Surprise Surprise!

Lets take a few minutes to look at the medical practice of removal in the case of cysts, myoma and stones. It is very lucrative but in most cases nothing is done to rectify the cause! So there is no attempt to stop the same thing or something worse happening. Natural health has a few different cleanses for gall stones and kidney stones and the others can normally be reversed through thyroid restoration. We do see this as a blot on the prestige of many practitioners and suggest that if you wish to follow the medical route, that seeking a functional doctor would be a wise move! So again we have reasonably established that the number of thyroid connected ailments is quite large and certainly large enough to warrant closer investigation! So now it is time to discuss the path to acceptance that your principle problem is thyroid and then allowing yourself to take the natural path to reversal if you can, We have mentioned that the thyroid is relatively easy to make healthy using natural methods. At least we have found it so and will proceed with lots of interesting discussion which will give you an information base suited to making decisions which will improve your health!

August 15, 2018

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