Is Thyroid Your Problem???

thyroid problems

If you have mild symptoms of one or more of the listed ailments then go through the list again. There are hundreds of related ailments which we have not listed because we have not had the pleasure of helping someone with that specific problem. Unfortunately the medical testing is almost useless because it only gives a positive indication when the thyroid is almost beyond repair within the medical system and so the function is replaced with hormone replacement therapy. There is rarely any attempt to restore the functionality. There is according to the functional doctors only one lab in the US which can give a more detailed testing and show a current condition report that is accurate. Now it is vitally important as we have showed so if you have a listed problem it will not do any harm to presume you have a lower than acceptable thyroid condition. Then you can get on with the job of restoration for the one month of the program.

Now you will not be wasting your time because whatever ailment it is that prompted you to go will also respond favorably to at least 80% of the program and it is faster and cheaper than other methods! Well we have made it this far and maybe you have some questions you can post on the website or maybe you are just busting to get started! So before we get into the program which is actually surprisingly short as a lesson and should take you no longer than four weeks to feel good. You can do this arranging your own nutrition program and using the services of local practitioners for the treatments, If you find the treatments too expensive then get with some friends and we will discuss some of the options later! From feeling good to the next level, feeling fantastic takes a mite more dedication but you can achieve that as well in a month or so extra.

August 16, 2018

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