Important Connections


 There are probably hundreds of thyroid connections. But the significance of some of these is critical to good health. The pregnancy page covers at least the list of major connections which affect women at that period in life when they are planning to have a family or actually in the process. But there are many additional connections so we will run through the major ones on this page. If nothing else you will begin to understand the importance of this gland to your body. If for some reason you are told that it needs to be removed this list will give you an idea of the functions which need to be replaced in balance and so you will ask for many second opinions before accepting removal as the only way. 

The number crunchers have 8 to 1 women to men with thyroid disease.

Not everything is known yet of course and various similar theories include interplay between the genes, environment and the immune system. Reference to residual cells from a growing fetus, difference in hormone balance in women. Genetic receptivity for iodine requiring more selective exposure. Includes all thyroid disease types plus exposure studies and bioaccumulation tips. Sounds complicated and it is but the top practicing specialists are analyzing their cases and results to continue towards better results. One to seek on the internet is Doctor Christianson. 

T4 changes Thyroid stimulating hormone for braincell activity and regeneration.

Changes to T3 for burning fuel metabolism and T2 is the mitochondrial energy components.

The iodine connection is important, thyroid connections iodine is regarded as being so important, that taking thyroid hormone medication without correcting the iodine deficiency first can increase your risk for breast cancer by 50%. Iodised salt was introduced early 1900s to remedy some of the iodine deficiency by adding small amounts to salt. But now is in no fast foods except burger king and includes very few supermarket brands so who gets it? Mind you too much iodine is as dangerous as too little. 100 mgm to 300 mgm is nominated safe daily level. Sea salt has magnesium but not much iodine. have testing facilities usable at home and many specialists use Cyrus labs for the widest range of testing. Bottom line here is that the consumption of salt is beneficial at appropriate levels.

There are distinct connections with blood sugar balance so in all cases the blood sugar of the patient should be understood and balanced during treatment. In both Thyroid and Diabetes sugar and carbohydrates containing gluten must be controlled and many people will benefit from eliminating them completely. 

Commercial farmers are exposed to lots of petrochemical toxins so thyroid problems are common. it is totally different for the Joe Salatin types who are leaders in practicing and promoting organic farming. It provides a clear indication of the importance of avoiding pollutants or keeping them to an absolute minimum. It is impossible to avoid them completely and in fact Americans average some 480 stored toxins and around 90% or women are Roundup ready when the present to give birth. So the only thing we can do is avoid as much as possible because it will eventually become too much for our bodies to cope with. Imagine this is all before we start dealing with the side effects of the drugs we take to make us better.

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