The Importance of The Thyroid Especially in Women


Women around the world need to become aware of the thyroid.It is at the centre of the greatest betrayal of women for centuries. It is rarely mentioned in medical, chemical or cosmetic circles but the fact is it does play the major part in everything a women is affected by. Health, beauty, moods and creating!Every aspect of the creation, feeding, nurturing and loving a husband and family is affected even the presentation of body shape, hair, nails, skin and charisma, central to the attraction plan in the first place is affected by the thyroid.

It is no longer just necessary to become aware of the thyroid but it is now imperative to observe your thyroid along with the heart and brain because it is smack in the line of sensitivity to all the lifestyle we are making every day! We are becoming aware of the importance of the thyroid especially in women as it balances the hormones and does everything for the beauty of a woman. Skin hair, disposition and the painless functioning of the reproductive system all depend on an active thyroid. Then there is a strong interconnection with the autoimmune system. Without the thyroid there is a dependancy on pills, good health is gone forever and relationships become very difficult.

December 9, 2018

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