Some Hard Slog Cases In My Treatment


Before I get to the big breakthrough in understanding I should mention the really hard slog cases, where I could do regular treatments for weeks or months and although I always made progress, I would be disappointed and frustrated with the results especially when comparing with women of the same age and symptom spectrum. Part of that of course was diet and back then the information available to us was misleading in relation to problems with day to day food and medical interactions between drugs and foods.

Which meant you had to establish absolutely what was a lie and what was not, even when you did not see that you had a problem. Another big answer turned up as a clue and then we investigated for many months. What separated the subjects turned out to be the lost child syndrome and I see it as being a very definable connection. It is not an ailment but a powerful influence in the life of any lady who has lost a child. Whether it be from miscarriage, abortion, still birth or death at an early age or even having a child adopted out, the mental anguish may not be visible but it is like a brick wall when it comes to healing! Well at least compared to the average subject. Ok so this is not official research and so 100% of 3 is good enough for me! Especially when the cases are blatantly obvious once the conversation conducted during treatment reached the levels we needed to solve the problem. And of course again I had no idea what I was looking for in the first place While one understands and sees the grief attached to a deceased child, the extension to all other types of child loss was not anywhere near as expected.

The woman is a very powerful creation given the responsibility of continuing our species and the tools and functionality attached to this are a large part of the definition of the human species. This is where most of the big differences can be found. So the breaking of that mother-child connection is a very serious thing and we hope to get a chance to discuss that further in relation to healing!. Again the thyroid is clearly involved more than any other organ or gland. It is true that some women are much more emotional than others. So we can expect some
variation although at least one of the cases I worked on was what I would affectionately call a hard case, knowing the subconscious establishment of barriers is common.

July 29, 2018

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