Some Group of Diseases For Which Thyroid is Responsible

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The Skin Group:This group of disease affects beauty.These are given below:
1.Cellulite, 2.Acne,3.Eczema,4.Flaky skin,5.Boils,6.Rashes,7.Skin tags,8.Impetigo,9.Easy bruising,10.Chronic, 11.itching,12.Varicose veins,13.Some wrinkle types,14.Skin allergies,15.Moles,16.Warty growths,17.Hives, 18.Premature aging.

Mental Issues: Now we have make an issue of all the connected mental diseases which can also affect the beauty! Coordination, self confidence, charisma, charm and muscle relaxation come from being comfortable and healthy. While the mental diseases will take the edge off any situation where these qualities are needed. Hair loss is also a very common symptom and while not mental it is a head problem!
1.Migraines, 2.Headaches 3.Depression,4.Panic attacks,5.Brain fog,6.Poor concentration,7.Phobias,8.Loss of drive, 9.Personality disorders,10.Nightmares,11.Suicidal tendances,12.Anxiety

The next part of the list is the reproductive system part and it is not an aside but a point to remember when you start doing your treatments, that females can be in a harder to heal category for specific reasons. Any circumstance which creates a gap between a mother and her child or violates the sanctity of the reproductive system can impair the healing process. There is no research worthy of mention which could give details and statistics and everyone is different anyway. The point really is that when you start your treatment do not give up if some of our suggested reversal times are not met.

Some General Diseases:
1.Chronic back pain,2. Tendonitis,3.Arthritis,4.Gout,5.Muscle cramps,6. Fibromyalgia,7.Constipation,8.Irritable 9.bowel syndrome,10.Hemorrhoids,11.Celiac disease,12.Weight gain,13. Diverticulosis,14.Ulcers,15.Adrenal fatigue 16. Anaemia,17.Lack of coordination,18.Chronic allergies,19.Scoliosis,20.Osteoporosis,21.Hernia,22.Kidney Stones 23.Irritable bladder,24.Gallstones,25.Hypoglycemia,26.Asthma,27.Bronchitis,28.High blood pressure,29.Low blood pressure,30.Arrhythmia,31.Atherosclerosis,32.Skin cancer,33.Stroke,34.Thyroid cancer,35.Prostate cancer,36.Lung cancer,37.Breast cancer,38.Endocrine cancer

The Dreaded List
For the purpose of this book that list is the one which applies to women in their daily lives rather than in the pursuit of beauty. Now again I have tried to make it quite clear that none of this is NORMAL. No matter who tells you it is normal it is definitely not. Menstruation and everything else about a women’s life should be comfortable even enjoyable.

1.Irregular periods,2.Long menstrual cycles,3.Short menstrual cycles,4.Cramping,5.Bleeding excessively,6.Painful menstruation,7.Periods which disappear for months,8.Heavy periods,9.Pre menstrual tension,10.Endometriosis
11.Myoma,13.Polycystic ovarian syndrome,14.Painful Sex,15.Vaginal dryness

It has also been noted that for all women having similar or related conditions to the above which are suffered during menopause, those problems will also be related to the thyroid and for our purposes deemed as symptoms.

The Pregnancy List:
Not more? Yes sorry we are getting close to the end but not there yet. The most important time in a women’s life technically is the period surrounding pregnancy, That is why her body was designed the way it is. Pregnancy
should all flow naturally with relative comfort. That is Normal! Anything else is not!

1.Failure to ovulate,2.Miscarriage,3.Infertility,4.Still birth,5.Abnormal estrogen levels,6.Abnormal progesterone levels,7.Abnormal testosterone levels,8.Loss of libido,9.Fibrocystic breast disease,10.Gestational diabetes, 11.Gestational anemia,12.Hemorrhages,13.Placental disruption,14.Prolonged labour,15.Inability to dilate,16.Premature birth,17.Breasts leaking milk,18.Breast feeding difficulties,19.Birth defects

December 14, 2018

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