All The Foods And Supplements Which Are Against Health

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As the book is more of a manual than a regular book we have included a recap to run over the main program points so all the foods and supplements for and against health are listed there while the big serious offenders are discussed now.

There is no easy way to break this to you but it has to be done and I promise to make your life fantastic in a very short time!! There are some things you need to give up and for some people it is a pantry full or a fridge full while for others there will be no shocks, You all know what is bad for you and maybe have been in denial for some time!Your subconscious will tell you! It makes you feel guilty after that feast and you try hard to tell yourself you feel great! Ok what do you think about wheat? Wheat is nothing like the old biblical wheat and has been changed gradually through natural selection unlike many other grains and crops which are genetically modified!The story goes that the chromosome count has gone from 7 to 42 which means a slightly different product. It has been selected for volume of crop, and many other processing and preparing features. But something has gone astray and wheat like rye and barley, well all grains for that matter but obviously not all grains are created equal. There is a component called gluten and once again you will have heard the name maybe even been told that some unfortunates are diagnosed with celiac disease and fact is they may be the lucky ones because the doctor will tell them to stay away from gluten.Gluten is a protein which according to Harvard university tears at the lining of the gut every time you eat these three specific grains and to varying degrees for other glutens from other grains. The gut is lined with a single layer soft tissue imitation of shaggy pile carpet. The lining is damaged but it is normally not a problem because the body repairs the damage very quickly so it is just when the body is running a little low that the damaged walls allow foreign particles to enter the metabolism. Then all hell breaks loose as the immune goes into action creating autoimmune attacks on foreign particles in the metabolism. Well slightly dramatized but in fact it ends up traumatic for the health.

We have touched on the toxins and foods with estrogen mimicking molecules and there are thousands of foods like this so we will try to avoid retracing our steps! Ok gluten has been identified as a no no. So it is the first to go completely and no point in messing around with gluten free products you can give up all processed foods as well. Ok I know I have broken your heart! Look we are talking about one month to get the thyroid functioning up by 30% or more to a practical level. If you sink again then go again!! But a month even six weeks on no gluten whatsoever is part of what you need. Eating at home should not be a problem and it will be a great idea to get hubby and the kids on side. You can observe the changes in their health at the same time! When visiting friends and family just tell them the doctor told you are celiac and to try the diet for a month to see if it makes a difference! Most friends will be glad to help and almost everyone will say “ I need to do the same thing for a few weeks or months! You will find the number of products where gluten is mixed with sugar is huge! So sugar will also take a dive in your digestion and you will probably not notice it. You already know how damaging sugar can be so it is time to stop procrastinating for the four weeks and do what is best for yourself! Obviously you came here knowing you would have to do something so just relax and follow the instructions for four to six weeks! Soft drinks are ridiculous not delicious anyway! dangerous and destructive. Look at what happened in Mexico from low obesity and very low diabetes levels to close by the highest levels in the world in 15 years because they gave the green light to CC. If you want to kill a country do it quietly and peacefully. No wars or troops just sugar. Sugar comes with millions of stories and if you cannot find one just sit at the checkout in a busy supermarket and watch the trolleys and observe the people. One report came through recently about the state of health in USA which stated that 2032 will be the year when nobody can work at anything productive any more because the 60% who are now diabetics will be bedridden and the numbers will have grown in line with statistical projections. 20% will be needed to look after the sick 60% and the rest will be too small or too old to do anything much. Sugar is as addictive as alcohol or cigarettes and just as damaging to the health. Ok it is a sad prediction but fact is there are movements away from medical reliance to healthier life and if it all kicks in the problem will be solved! If you have been following natural health for many years there is no need to worry because there are hundreds of sweet things even without resorting to deadly artificial sweeteners, plenty of selections for day to day consumption.

August 19, 2018

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