Food Support


Iodine is found in sea animals and vegetables but pollution and nuclear mishaps have reduced the benefits.

Most people are now salt deficient as well and it is not stored in the body but must be ingested regularly. After water salt is the second most important additive for our bodies according to some sources.

Without adequate salt cholesterol, trigliceride, insulin and other adrenals become elevated enough to cause problems. Real salt should be increased for almost all individuals. Himalayan salt and quality sea salt are specifically nominated by natural health practitioners. 

Wild fish is great for protein. In Pelagic fish Mercury and Bromine levels are up so taking some MSM or other sulphur containing supplements at the same time as eating fish is sensible. Selenium also helps reduce concentrations and can be taken as a supplement. Mercury is highly toxic and is stored in fat tissue in the body most of the time. If losing weight quickly take caution as mercury can be forced to bind to organic tissue which makes it sensible to detox consciously as you lose weight. 

Bromine is a fire retardant is also typically used in soft drink. The nutritional deficiencies plus the oversupplies of the toxic substances is the basic reason for increasing glandular cancers. Iodine actually has the capacity to turn cancer cells back into ordinary cells. Use as part of a holistic treatment and always use before thyroid medication or breast cancer will be likely. A good well trained doctor can feel the thyroid for cysts and nodules. Look for books by Dr David Brownstein.

Kelp from southern oceans is usable but alternate with Noir, wakami, assiki, dulse and Kale. 

Make targeted lifestyle therapies such as acting to reduce inflammation.  Enjoy raw and cooked vegetables and  wild game meats. Slow carbohydrates intake including the elimination of all foods and products with wheat, rye or barley gluten in them. Avoid any big sugar dump such as party fare, confectionary and alcohol.

Avoid notable goitrogenic foods which can slow down thyroid function. I serving of soy for example can reduce thyroid function by 7%