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Now here is one of the kickers and I do not exactly know why but I have always finished my treatment with a Reiki session and my gut feeling is that it is very important. I just do the head and neck and sometimes the shoulders while most Reiki masters are taught to do a whole body treatment which of course is totally non intrusive and very relaxing to the whole mind and body. There are other modalities which can be substituted which use energy type treatments but at this stage I have only tried one other method, which is Kiniyan, an Australian energy healing modality which has some similarities with Reiki.

Reiki is a quick modality to learn by comparison to most and it has three levels which need to be taken seriously. It should never be treated as a toy! I have met hundreds of people who have done the budget version which joins all the levels but always found they have ceased to practice. I think you just need the time and concentration to master the modality or forget it. Reiki has been a wonderful tool for me for some twenty years now and I remember the masters who taught me. They did teach me extraordinarily well in a way I will remember for the rest of my life! I did my masters with another Reiki master but by that time I was deeply into it. it is a slow and comfortable modality used in many hospitals around Europe for its calming and comfort factors in terminal cases. But knowing what I know I would not be surprised if the occasional patient got out of bed and went home to live another 10 or 20 years!! And yes you have been very patient with me rambling on like this so I will give you two Reiki stories! If you do not believe them you will get a laugh anyway! Healing stories are always so exciting because you are helping someone and in the background there are many stories and folks who are dependent on the sick person for many reasons. Here our book is about the female and her beauty and that also applies to the mother. Mothers are not only wonderful but irreplaceable! If any of you wonderful readers ever get crazy enough to do healing for the sake of it instead of as a profession I can only hope you will look me up! It can be interesting! And here is the first story from when I was learning Reiki at the second level. Now you must understand that I had always been a practical person working with my hands in landscaping and building and the like! So I did not really believe that anything existed that you could not see! I was okay with micro particles and the like but energy and auras and readings just escaped my understanding completely! I had done the first level of Reiki protesting all the way to the workshop but I did it and followed up with some practice.

The masters rang to see if I would like to do the Reiki two level training some six months later and I told them as kindly as I could that I really had trouble believing even though the first level had become useful, the thought of sending energy was even more unearthly! I was running a security business at the time and some two weeks before the level 2 course was to start, the masters had a burglary at their commercial building. They knew about my work so they rang and I said I would come down and install an alarm system in their premises. It was out of our area so I did it myself on a Saturday so as not to put long distance pressure on the staff. When I finished I gave them the bill and one of them asked if I would mind taking the course charge off the bill and they would pay me the balance in cash! They were always very pleasant so I felt I had to agree and so the following weekend I was off to the 2nd degree training! Only one other male there and we looked at each other in disbelief many times over the weekend. We were working on pillows and taking notes of what came into our heads. The subject for each of us was a person in a photo bought in by someone else. They obviously had a few ailments but we were not privy to that information. So the weekend proceeded and at the end of this lengthy session on the final day, we were asked to read out the thoughts which had come to us during the sending of Reiki energy to the person in the photo! As it turned out I was in the last position and as it came up to each of the girls they abounded with information about the subjects guides, angels or passed on ancestors! All important stuff of course But nothing I could relate to. My list looked more like a shopping list for a hardware store. Petrified I stood up as the dreaded finger pointed me out and decided in a split second to convert the information into a story, after all it did nobody any harm if my story was completely wrong. The subject lady worked in a church very actively, I told them, and sat many days looking out over a delightful rose garden. there was some detail about a small fountain or fish pond and I felt she had a headache. I had worked on that and could no longer feel it. I truthfully believed I had conjured up that one to keep from getting bored or maybe because everyone else had uncovered a bucket of ailments suffered by their subject!. By the time I finished relating the story from the list, the people who had bought in the photo were standing up crying! they could not believe that I could possibly know that much about their best friend who had indeed had a headache but not for the day! She had the headache for 3 years. Oh oh I was not planning on any of this! They rang me the next day and the headache had gone and when I saw them a year later the headache had not returned. So I called that my baptism of fire into level two. Many wonderful things have happened since but way too many to tell you in just one book. There was one other funnie one which happened only a few weeks after the training for first level. I was to meet a friend at a house on the coast where I had never been and it was a break in a long trip while we gave a treatment to the friends friend! There was a delay and I found myself sitting at a table drinking coffee with a group of people I had never met before. The lady opposite me was around 45 and very beautiful but when she moved or opened her mouth it was time to vacate the premises. No coordination whatsoever and disturbingly so! We did talk about something or nothing and she asked me what i had been doing. I mentioned the Reiki training and she told me she did not believe in that rubbish! I actually agreed and told her I still had no reason to believe in it either. Then for some reason I said maybe she would not mind if I did some Reiki on her shoulders and see if she liked it. She agreed! I stood behind her with my hands on her shoulders and listened in on the discussion. I did not think of anything. There was a deal of heat for about 15 or 20 minutes then it went away! without saying anything I sat back down in my chair. She stood up a few minutes later in the most graceful manner and in a beautiful soft voice said ”you see it did not work at all” well all hell broke loose as people rushed to hear her voice again and five friends spent the rest of the afternoon trying to talk her into joining a drama group for local stage presentations! Oops what was that all about?? My hands of course were working right next to the thyroid! The Reiki treatment needs to be on the head, neck and shoulders as I said although you can always book in later for more comprehensive treatments.

So that lists the three treatments of choice and while I combine them there is every chance you will not find a practitioner who does. So the idea is to get the three treatments as close together as practical about two weeks after you have started the nutritional part of the program. If you are in a big rush like getting married the next week or similar you can jump the gun and have the treatments at the beginning of the program. I cannot stress too strongly the need for the dietary changes or you will be back where you started very quickly! Ok there is more and there is a little testing mechanism which you can do if you have a partner! They call it muscle testing and it can give you many answers when you need them. Here the subject stands rigidly straight with one arm extended to the side like directing traffic!. Also rigid. Clear the pockets and remove watches and phones before you start as well as moving away from appliances and power points. The testing partner places a hand on the outstretched arm of the person to be tested and applies a sensible level of pressure to force the outstretched arm down. The tested partner resists as much as possible. Now have the tested partner concentrate on something like a microwave oven and test the resistance again. then try cigarettes and test again. Then try a piece of fresh fruit or a plate of salad and test again. In theory the microwave and cigarette testing should reveal a lack of strength while the fresh fruit or salad should come up with high resistance. The difference should be quite noticeable. Practice a little swapping roles and test different foods and products. For things like herbal remedies and small amounts of any substance you can put them in a small jar which is held in the non tested hand near the heart. If there is any disbelief in the group use unmarked jars with the name of the substance inside! It comes in handy with things like eggs which may suit some and not others. A practiced health worker can often use this method to spell out the name of an ailment and even the best herb or supplement. I will try to set up a video on the website in the near future. There is of course plenty of information on the internet about muscle testing.

September 5, 2018

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